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11-25-2008, 02:18 PM
So I have been using a 7-6 4weight on the clinch lately and have decided it just doesn't do what I need it to. Its a lot of work to get my fly out far enough.

I am sure the suggestions are endless, but I am going to ask for a rod/reel combo for christmas. Any suggestions on a 5 weight 9 foot with reel under $300?

Carolina Boy
11-25-2008, 03:41 PM
Man I have three TFO Proffesional Series rods, 4, 5, & 7 weights. I love em! You can probably get one with a modest priced reel for less than $ 300.00 I am sure. I would go with a 9 foot rod. Will help you a bunch, and I prefer the 9 footer in tight spots to cause they give you more reach! The TFO has a great warranty too! I had one sticking off the back of my kayak rollin down a river, got turned over rod just drilled every tree on the bank and I knew it was history. Not a scratch on it! Tough stick, they sell em at LRO check em out!

Gerry Romer
11-25-2008, 05:09 PM
I ran into a similar situation this past summer when I found myself fishing the tailwaters more than the park and my park setup was just a bit inadequate. I already had an Orvis Battenkill Mid-Arbor reel, so here's what Daniel and I ended up putting together: a 9' 5 wt. TFO TiCr with a Sharkskin Magnum taper line on my Battenkill reel. The TiCr rod is a faster or stiffer rod than the PRO series and I knew I wanted to be able to throw big indicators and streamers on the Caney Fork so I opted for a faster rod. It almost met my needs. No mater the weather or wind conditions, it just seemed to be too much work. I suspected the Magnum taper line.

I recently put a 4 wt. Sharkskin GPX taper on my 8' TFO Pro. Casts like a dream! I took it and my 9 TFO over to LRO and had Daniel cast them both. The Magnum taper line on the 9' rod was just too much work for me. If you've ever seen Daniel cast, then you know that there probably is no combination that he can't cast well into the backing. He could handle the Magnum taper but admitted that it was more work than my other line for that rod - a 6 wt. RIO Nymph taper line. So he suggested a 6 wt. Sharkskin GPX taper line for the 9' TFO.

Have to tell you he knew what he was talking about... again:biggrin:

I now have a tailwater rod/reel/line setup that casts as effortlessly as my mountain setup.

Take a good look at the TFO TiCr rods They're very decent fast action rods at a very reasonable price. The Orvis Battenkill Mid-Arbor balances it nicely. Obviously, you don't have to go for the Sharkskin line (but when it works it really, really works), But I would highly recommend uplining the TiCr by at least one line weight... put a 5 wt. on a 4 wt. rod, a 6 wt. line on a 5 wt. rod, etc.

Here's a few links to the specs:



LRO has the TFO TiCr at $199.00 in the online catalog and the Battenkill Mid-arbor is $119.00 - so $318.00 for the combo. You could easily downgrade to the Orvis Battenkill Disc 5/6 for only $89.00 or $288.00 for the combo. (Daniel forgive me if my math is off -- I'm trying to do it in my head without taking my shoes off 'cause I'm at work)

TFO, for the price and the warranty can't be beat IMHO -- same for the Orvis reels

11-26-2008, 04:37 AM
Byron, are you paying dad under the table? Lefty has to love your alls shop! I detecting you all are the #1 retailer for Temple Fork in the Eastern states! Lefty owes dad a hefty commision check, lol!

Not to hi jack the thread, but yea TFO does make a good rod for the money and with the additional "No questions asked" warranty you simply can't beat it! As for the rod and what to buy...Alotta questions should be answered.

What action do you prefer?
How often do you fish?
What do you want the rod to do?

If your looking for a faster action rod, I'd wait and save my money for a new Orvis Helios without the reel! I've also been told the new Sage TCX is pretty sweet. OR A LOOMIS GLX (High Line Speed), I would also highly reccomend a Z-Axis..All of which are $600 or more.

However, I know how hard it is to stay off the river because of your rods inadaquacies. This is where the question gets hard to answer. If you've been ruined by fishing tailwaters and want to fish them frequently I would strogly reccomend a good fast action rod (see above). This is where I start to slightly dislike TFO.

Accuracy can mean alot when fishing a tailwater, especially during the dry fly season. I'm referring to sight fishing to a rising or midging fish. Accuracy and presentation can mean alot, and I've not been impressed with the accuracy level of the TiCr. However the professional seems to be a bit better. I've cast all of dad's rods and several rods at LRO and a friend or two's TFO's. However this could be the hit or miss factor similar to what Orvis faced with thier Zero G's. (A whole other topic there)

If you plan on fishing a tailwater often, one thing to keep in mind is WIND! A fast action rod will keep you in the game while some have to sit it out. Fast action rods will give you the extra needed punch without throwing your arm out! You don't have the foliage and tree's to protect you from wind when on a tailwater.

I guess what I've been rambling on about is.....well, just go see Daniel! Cast a few rods, and if nothing else just ask for a gift certificate and save your money for a rod that you really want. Maybe that rod will be a TFO, you'll really just have to find what suits you and your casting style, but don't force yourself into a rod!

As for a reel, there just for looks! I've hooked into a nice fish or two and none have successfully tested my drag, so I'm not convinced this is a must have option! If I had three hundred to spend I'd throw and extra couple bucks towards this rod, it's worth the money!


I've cast three of them and they all cast the exact same! A very nice rod!

If not that I'd go with a TiCr 9' 5wt or a Professional 9' 5wt with SA's SharkSkin Line! Dad's reccomendations, minus a new reel!

I'm sorry to be a bubble burster and make you seem like your made of gold, it's just hard for me to accept slow and medium action rods on a tailwater!

Just my opinion, everybody's got one. I'm definately not saying I'm right!

11-26-2008, 09:32 AM
The TFO's are great rods no doubt. In the same price and quality range are the Orvis Clearwater II's. I have the 4-pc 6wt and have cast the 2-pc 5wt and both cast beautifully. The 5wt 2-pc is $159 and the 4-pc is $189. I agree wholeheartedly with the Orvis Mid-Arbor III at $119. I have a larger model Mid-Arbor on my Steelhead rod and the drag is superb.