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11-29-2008, 01:52 AM
I went to bed at 1:30 this morning because I had a lot of friends over, and got up at 4:00 to drive to Dick's Sporting Goods. My dad and I got there at around 4:45 and got the tickets for TWO awesome kayaks that were originally $350 on sale for $199. Added with a 15% off coupon, we got out of there with over $700 worth of kayaks for well under $400. :biggrin:

But, on the downside, I had to work from 2:00-11:00 :mad:

Gerry Romer
11-29-2008, 02:23 PM
Happy for your good Black Friday! Be grateful you weren't trying to fish the Caney :frown:

We stopped by the Wal-Mart in Cookeville at about 8:30 CST to get a key made for our shuttle on the way to the dam. Consequently we missed the last few minutes of generation by about 20 minutes. By the time we finally put in it was all over but the shouting....

I swear the Caney Fork was busier than the Cookeville Wal-Mart :mad:

With some of the rudest fishermen I've ever encountered anywhere. We made our normal 8 to 10 hour float in just under 6 hours. Mostly because there was just nowhere to anchor up and fish!! Every channel, hole and flat was wall to wall "fishermen" - and I do use that term loosely. Fishermen standing in the middle of a channel fishing back to back, casting to the left and right. How you gonna drift through that without pi$$ing somebody off?! Not to mention the flotilla of professional and homemade water craft... most with some form of motorization -- either electric of smoke-belching :mad: at some spots you had to just sit and wait for the floaters to try and navigate through the waders. I now know what a good old-fashioned Middle Prong log jam must have looked like in the early 1900's :mad:

Here's an idea of what the Caney Fork looks like on Black Friday... without the boats.


I'd say it was almost a toss-up as to who did more business yesterday... the Caney Fork or the Cookeville Wal-Mart. I don't think we'll be doing this again next year.

Gerry Romer

11-29-2008, 10:53 PM
U know I've got alot to say about the rediculousness that was the Caney yesterday:mad:...I just finished typing (which I just deleted, thinking in the better interest of this forum and not wanting to start a war) way more than what I should have and I'm still sulking over yesterday. All I'm gonna say is people need to get off the redds (I mean literally standing on them:mad:) and learn some boat etiquette! I would have much rather been working! That's how bad it was!

Bill Bollinger and David Knapp probably observed some of it! I feel bad for them too, they were both present in the river I can only imagine how you all felt having to fish beside some of that madness!

Still whining:frown:!

David Knapp
11-29-2008, 11:14 PM
Bill Bollinger and David Knapp probably observed some of it! I feel bad for them too, they were both present in the river I can only imagine how you all felt having to fish beside some of that madness!

I thought I had seen the worst this past summer as far as crowding on the river but yesterday was definitely as bad as anything I've ever seen. I was the first one on that stretch of river you saw me in and was having a good time. Company showed up really quickly though and boxed me into the small area you saw me on. I basically spent 3 hours or so standing in the same spot because I didn't have any room to move. Wish they would switch to a twice a day one hour pulse so the whole river would stay fishable all day...that would fix lots of things...

11-30-2008, 12:39 AM
Geez guys... I was considering going on Thanksgiving but I knew it would be a zoo. I wish the Caney wasn't getting as popular as it is, but it is a fantastic river and people know it.

On the upside, I've been looking for a camera to take fishing with me and I bought it after I got off work because I can't buy stuff when I'm working. It was a 10 MP Polaroid camera for $100. Can't go wrong for that price.

11-30-2008, 01:30 PM
Even though I wanted to hit the Caney over the 4 day holiday, I knew it would be super crowded. I'm glad I didn't go. I would have just been ticked off and left.