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12-30-2008, 01:33 PM
My wife and I made our yearly Chistmas pilgrimage to Gatlinburg Dec 22 for a couple of days of R&R.She takes it easy,reads,and basically just lays around de-stressing.I go to the park.The streams looked real good.Fished Elkmont below the bridge.No luck.The Park is really pretty,in a stark gray way,this time of the year.On Dec. 22,23,and 24 the place had a lot of Christmas vibes,even though there was no snow,or airborn sheighs flying around.
Gave Tremont a try using a princenymph dropped from a dry fly.Caught a fish,a rainbow,I didn't have a ruler,but I would say that fish was at least 4" long.I fished a couple of other places without much luck.I like the Park this time of the year.For me there's lots of ghosts and memories,in those Smoky Mtn's.I was glad to see the streams flowing full.It's an unbeatable place come Christmas time.

12-30-2008, 04:15 PM
I crossed Newfound Gap from my home in Bryson City and visited Pigeon Forge on Dec 23 for a day of shopping with my kids. It was 23 degrees and windy at the gap. The streams in the park were full and rolling, the rocks covered in ice at the higher elevations. Pigeon Forge was relatively quiet, the hotels looked to be 20 percent occupied. The shopping was great, the lights beautiful at dusk, the weather foggy. Imagine our surprise when we found the highway back over Newfound Gap to be closed due to snow at dark. It took nearly 2 and a half hours to navigate back to Bryson City that night, via Waynesville.

Sat. Dec 27 I fished the Nantahala Delayed Harvest with sun shining and a balmy 60 degrees. There were over 20 fishermen at 1 pm, with nearly every pull-off taken. Many had spinning rods, some were in groups of three or four. The water was high but fishable, crossing the stream on foot near impossible. Slow moving deep water was at a premium and all the choice spots had groups in them. I tried 3 pull-off's, fishing a small egg behind a wooly booger and took 6 fish in a couple hours, all on the egg. Yellow and orange both worked. All the fish were under 9 inches. This is a great section of stream, but it seems to be getting loved to death, as are most of the delayed harvest streams on weekends (even winter weekends). I saw several fresh night crawler cans on the bank with soil still in them. By 4 pm the fish were shut off, either by cold or being pestered all day. The main Nantahala has been running generators all the time so fishing the big river has not been an option over the holidays.