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Gerry Romer
01-03-2009, 01:27 PM
This is another one of those "Hey, Byron" posts.

I just downloaded and fired up Apple's new browser "Safari". Thought you might like to know that my lousy little PC now looks eerily like that big daddy Mac you've got sitting in your office. The images are brighter, the pages load faster, the text boxes come with a built in spell check... even those little missing smilies look like they're meant to be something - they're little framed question marks instead of squares with big red X's in them.

Interestingly, the font even more closely resembles what I'm sure you've intended on the website.

This is way cooler than I anticipated. I was just going to give it a test drive to see if I found any conflicts (Quickbooks doesn't like Foxfire), but after just a few minutes I'm tempted to make it my default browser.

I know what a sucker you are for all things Apple... just thought you'd like to know. I'm headed over to the shop in a few minutes to give you some of my heard-earned gift certificate, so I'll check in to see if it can also manage to speed up my email...:cool: -- well, there's one difference: IE shows you the smilies in the text but Safari shows you the code... hmmmmmm, may have to bounce that one off Paula-the-Shop-Girl ;)


Byron Begley
01-03-2009, 07:51 PM
Hi Gerry,

It was great to see you today. I'm glad to see you moving toward the Mac platform. I have the old version of Safari so I need to load down the new one too. I use Firefox most of the time. But my old version of Safari prints better. Guess who else uses Safari? Lefty Kreh. But he is a Mac guy too.

I guess you know now that you are responsible for us having Sunday tying demonstrations. I think it will work. But don't be like Sarah Weeks. It was her idea for us to stay open on Friday nights so Knoxville customers could get here after work. It was a good idea. But she never showed up.

Take care buddy and thanks for your great ideas.