View Full Version : LRO shipping

01-29-2009, 02:51 PM
I just wanted to say that LRO has the best online or over the phone ordering possible. Just in the last two weeks I have ordered from them and had the product in 2 days. I ordered popper foam bodies on tuesday and got them here today. About a week ago I ordered hooks from Daniel and had them in 2 days. Not only did they ship fast but bill was able to help me pick out exactly what i wanted without me even having a picture, part number or anything. Just by description only. To heck with these big box store mail orders. I emplore you to use LRO for your mail order needs they are awesome. Byron, Daniel and Bill, THANKS.

P.S. You feel safe giving these guys your credit card information, because you know them and they do not keep it on file.:smile: