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02-02-2009, 06:42 PM
I still recall the first trip or two I made to LRO, back when they were in the other building. I had always wanted to learn how to fly fish, since the time I was a 7 or 8 year old that vacationed in the Smokies. Finally at the age of 40 something after whining to my wife for the umpteenth time about how deprived I was in life for never having fly fished...she asked the fateful question, "Well who is stopping you from doing it now?".

Before the echo of her words was silenced, I was out the door to our local (NE Florida) "Wally World". As fate would have it they happened to have 2 or 3 rods in stock, including one that was called and "Assassinator" and it was a 5/6 weight. My next quest was to locate a reel suitable and knowing little or nothing, I bought an el cheapo model in a 5/6 weight, molded out of pot metal and better suited for becoming a boat anchor than balancing an el cheapo or for that matter, any kind of fly rod. While I didn't know much if anything about fly fishing, flies, or gear, I realized this rig was nothing to be very proud of...by the way, I lined it with a cheap 4 weight line. I have to admit that despite my ignorance, that rig could throw some major line, easily allowing me to cast from one side of the river to the other even in the widest places.

The time came for our first trip to the mountains with my new found rod and in pursuit of my life-long passion and I ended up stopping in LRO for some insights, suggestions, flies, and a boat load of mercy. Thankfully I found all of the above and more! In fact I ended up bringing my rig in for some help in attaching a braided loop and tippet, and the fellow who helped me (much to his credit) never so much as snickered. In fact I would have to admit over the years I am most likely guiltiest for having asked the most absurd and ignorant questions ever asked by anyone inside the walls of a fly shop, yet the folks at LRO have never treated me with anything but the sincerest respect.

I said all of that simply to say that Byron, Paula, Daniel, and everyone else I have ever encountered or dealt with at LRO are among the most incredible and exceptional folks I have ever seen deal with the public. They are "THE" model for business period!


02-02-2009, 09:38 PM
In fact I would have to admit over the years I am most likely guiltiest for having asked the most absurd and ignorant question ever asked by anyone inside the walls of a fly shop, yet the folks at LRO have never treated me with anything but the sincerest respect.

Ok Mike, I have to ask......what was the question?

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02-02-2009, 10:11 PM
Two years ago in spring, I was camping with my family in townsend. I had fished the little river for stockers quite often and the holston below cherokee with eggs and powerbait. Had some good days, but never really was consistent with my catches. I had no idea at that point all those little streams in the park even had fish in them and really didn't know a whole lot about the park. The campground had wireless internet and I was searching around for fishing information when I came across this website and forum. I read reports of guys catching forty and fifty fish in single outings using a fly rod and thought, "what have I been missing out on?". Bought a cheap combo rod and reel set (which I'm back to using now since I broke my second four weight). I've since fished all around the park, small streams around my college. Trespassed golf courses at night, paddled around lakes, spend countless hours on the SOHO, tied tons of flies, read more articles and threads than I can shake a stick at, tried many times to explain my love of fishing to my girlfriend, and have fallen head-first into a lifetime passion. All thanks to this company and their messageboard. I'm sure a lot of others share a similar story.

02-03-2009, 12:16 AM
Sorry for the confusion Pete, my fat little fingers failed me yet again (smile) I meant to say questions rather than question, cause pretty much any and all questions I asked and many I still ask) fit that description.

As you guys and other know, LRO is a class act and IMHO they serve as a model for any business that has any dealings with the public, especially those that deal as directly as retail or offering services to folks.

With the gracious assistance I received from LRO and others, my addiction has only increased over the years. I recall reading the book by Middelton, "On The Spine of Time" and first seeing the statement I have quoted as my signature line, to me it explains the addiction we have each come to love so greatly. I know most of us consider it "fishing" but I am coming to the conclusion that it's hook in me has endured far longer than any hook I've ever presented by fly or otherwise to any fish :)

Hope this makes sense, been dealing with a bit of fever from sinus and cold, gee I bet a trip to the mountains and a dip in a cold stream would be just the thing right now...oh well, at least I can dream....

God Bless,

02-03-2009, 04:58 PM
I bet Byron and the gang would love to have a dollar for every "stupid question" they have ever been ask. I know I have started off several conversations with "this might be a stupid question..but". I remember the first time me and my wife came to the mountains and stopped by LRO. From then on it was every trip we made to the mountains we had to stop in and sop around. (Still do). Man I would love to have a shop like that where people from all around would stop by and visit or at least check out my web site or message board. Remember the only stupid question is one that is never ask. :smile: