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Rog 1
02-11-2009, 01:05 PM
Byron again mentioned that trout fishing in the Park used to have a closed season that did not open until April....as I recall it ran from April 15 to September 15....I can remember cutting classes in Law School in Florida, driving to Auburn to pick up my fishing buddy and driving all night to get up to the turn around above Elkmont while it was still dark. All of this to be ther first ones on that special stretch of water since September. At this same time the WPLP was what they called a Sportsman's Stream where all fish less than 16" had to be returned. That was an amazing fishery back then and 60-70 fish afternoons were common. With the opening of the season to year round I now enjoy the cool days of October which in my younger days were impossible. It is always amazing what information comes up on this site and that is why it has become part of my daily routine.