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02-26-2009, 09:24 AM
First, I'm glad the damage was no worse and nobody got hurt.

Here's a true stroy of something that happened at my house a couple years back.

I was sitting in my chair in the living room reading a book. I heard a loud bang and the light bulb in my lamp exploded showering me with glass. Wow, scared the heck out of me. After I replaced the bulb, I noticed a couple clocks flashing and the circuit for the lamp was off.

I went to the breaker box and noticed there were several breakers tripped. The 80 amp that services our AC was tripped and the 100 amp that feeds our range was tripped.

I reset them and everything seemed OK. There were a couple 20 amps also tripped. I reset them too.

Later that evening, I fired up my computer and the mother board was fried.

I called a couple neighbors to ask if they had a power surge and they said no.

I then called a buddy who is a reitred electrician. He said that just doesn't sound right. Something must have happened in the main service line. Since ours is under ground, he wasn't sure what was going on and I should call Duke Energy to come out and see what's going on.

When the power guy got out, he ran some tests on our service and everything looked fine, no surges and the power was steady.

He then went to the meter box to see if our meter was working properly (I think it was more to be sure they would get paid). When he pulled the cover off and pulled the meter off the contacts, there were snake parts everywhere.

Our service is under ground, but there is a piece of conduit that is several inches under ground and runs about 3 feet up the side of our house to the meter box. It was early spring with warm days and cold nights. He thought the snake had somehow sensed the heat in the box and crawled up the conduit to get warm inside the box.

Long story short, he got a lot more warm than he had anticipated when he wrapped himself around the polles and took the full load of the juice before it went through our circuit box.

I'm still not sure why that blew our half of my house but I'm quite sure that garder snake never knew what hit him.