View Full Version : Late April trip-SoHo/Watauga?

03-02-2009, 02:26 PM
Hey all, I will be in the NE corner of Tennessee near the end of April (4/24-4/28), and I was considering streams/rivers to fish. I wanted to chase after Browns mostly, preferably wild, focus on wading, and I was wondering if folks had any thoughts on best places to go, both tailwaters and freestoners.
I had some ideas for the latter, but I wanted to see what people thought of the SoHo vs. the Watauga as far as tailwaters go. I have not fished either of these rivers, although I have experience on tailwaters elsewhere. I've heard lots of rave reviews for both of these spots--any suggestions/comments for fishing here in late April? Any advice/wisdom would be appreciated, thanks!

03-05-2009, 10:00 PM
SoHo for it's easier wading than Watuaga, it has good top activity from the brown trout. In April the Sulphurs will be in full swing also.

Watauga has some decent wading and fishing is not bad by all means but SoHo is my favorite of those two.

03-07-2009, 06:47 PM
Hey Hans,

Thanks for the reply. I was kinda leaning towards the SoHo after doing a bit more reading on the two tailwaters, and your info reaffirms that. I'll give it a shot for a couple days in late April, hopefully the Sulfurs will be going off.

I also intend to explore some freestones in the area, and I know from some of your previous posts that you have done the same; I could shoot you an e-mail afterwards to let you know how they fished, if you're interested.

Thanks again, tight lines, Iain

03-08-2009, 02:59 PM
Any feedback you can give is welcome. I'm going up that way in May again. I'm also going to spend considerable time in NC this year. I have a project set up for myself. I'm going to fish a lot of NC streams this year. Next year I'm doing GA streams. I guess I have fished too much near my home. I'm in need of new waters and new scenery.

See ya,