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03-02-2009, 03:34 PM
Some of you may know me from the SEFFF board. Anyway I'm a soldier up at Ft Knox Kentucky. I have fished the Smokies several times since being stationed at Knox; much closer and friendlier than driving home to Va. I'm heading down with my gunner from Iraq the weekend of the 13th of March.

I was wondering about patterns to use, I know what should be hatching but was wondering about specific flies to tie. I have plenty of flies tied up, just wanting to know if there is a particular pattern that is the "Magic Fly". during the summer I hardly use anything but a #16 yella caddis or something very similar. Is it worth carrying a ton of flies in the spring to match the hatch.

I'm also wondering about some of the lower elevation brookie waters i.e. Sam's Creek, Meigs Creek, Indian Creek, and Cosby of course. I ahve also heard rumor of brookies being in the Laurel Creek. (The laurel creek along Laurel Falls trail just up the road from Elkmont). My buddy really wants to get into some specs. I know everything is weather dependent but if the warming trend the are calling for continues will any of these streams be an option. My back up plan is to fish middle prong and the the streams flowing into Abrams in the back of Cades Cove. I had a blast on Parsons branch in Dec and ate 'em up on Mill Creek in Oct and there were some good ones in the lot.

If someone wanted to guide us or toss in some good info. I could giveaway some flies I have tied up that have served me well in the smokies.

Thanks and Have a Good 'Urn,

03-02-2009, 06:43 PM
I know that the Blue Quills will be hatching in the next few weeks...so I would tie up some of those and also carry some BHPT's(bead head pheasant tails) The thing about the smokeys is that a few different kinds of flys will do. Buggy patterns work good for me up there. Also carry some Royal Wulffs for the Brookies. I have never had a brook trout pass up a royal wulff. Besides those specific flies, carry some various parachutes and nymphs. Also if you fish in or near Cades Cove, be sure to fish Anthony Creek. Anthony runs through the cades cove picnic area. The fish in this creek arent very big( 3-6 inches ) but there sure are alot of them. You can also get a special permit which is 3-7 dollars a day and fish the downtown part of Gatlinburg. There are tons of monster stockers in there. It isn't the hardest of fishing but they are sure fun to catch. Hope this helps at all


03-03-2009, 08:53 PM
..the temps, maybe some Red Quills? Seems like you can't go wrong with any fly that has some yellow in it when things start warming up. I like fishing a Yellow Caddis, (Never Sinks are nice) with a dropper. For the dropper I like Hugh's SMBB soft hackle if you can find them or a similar soft hackle. I also tend to enjoy pretty good success with a 14 through an 18 Copper John, red or green seem to work for me.


03-03-2009, 10:05 PM
Will Red Quills be a possibilty ? I have some tied in #14 & #12. Though I have twice the amount of Quill Gordons ready to go.

Smokies fish seem as attracted to yella as fish back home in the Shenendoah seem to like orange. I guess if they're looking up it doesn't really matter as long as it looks like food. As far as droppers I agree on Copper Johns and PTs and the SMBB, but my go to on places like Middle Prong and Jakes creek is an unweighted Tellico.

Still gotta ask about the stream along Laurel Falls trail. I also need to know about acess to Indian Camp Creek. I am a small stream Junkie :smile:.

03-03-2009, 10:28 PM
Laurel Falls trail stream has supposedly had Northern Brookies planted in it(????) way back when, I've heard. Never fished it. I would carry my stream thermometer and watch the water temps. closely, not the air temp. I have been reading of people going to fish places that were great last summer, now! The reason they were great in summer is that they are colder. The area of beaver dams upstream from Abrams Falls trail head might be good?? The area around Metcalf's Bottoms appear to turn on with Nymphs early. I love backcountry fishing but if I were fishing this weekend I'd head there. Try small pts, and carry a few small Adams parachutes- In case!
One good thing about the Smokies, is the hike out isn't as steep at SNP!(:>)

Have a great time fishing and thanks for serving!!

Randall Sale
the Kytroutbum

03-03-2009, 11:13 PM
While I don't have personal experience, word is that there are brookies above the falls. However, Daniel has told of going up there, bushwacking through the rhododendron and not seeing fish. If he's monitoring, he may want to chime in but it sounded like a lot of work for not a lot of return compared to some more productive brookie waters (i.e., Sams, Meigs, upper WPLP, Road Prong, etc.). I have scouted the lower part of Laurel Branch and it's some pretty skinny water even down there. Ted at the shop has a friend who has fished there with success. His advice was to park at the Quiet Walkway below in between Elkmont and the Falls trailhead and walk back to the stream and up from there.

If you try Laurel, be sure and post - it's been an intruiging spot for me that I never have really fished.

David Knapp
03-03-2009, 11:42 PM
Quill Gordons are good to have but don't overlook Blue Quills as well...just have some small (#18 parachute adams and you should be fine on those...

03-04-2009, 12:02 AM
I read Kytroutbum's response, but I tend to always carry some high viz parachute adams in anything from a 12 to an 18. I have had strikes on them when nothing else seemed to be working.


03-04-2009, 12:08 AM
What about access to Indian Camp Creek over by Cosby, there are brookies in there and the elevation is low enough that the water should be in the 50ies if the weather man is right about the air temps and rain.

I have blue quills in #16-#20. Unlike most; I have never been a big fan of the traditional Adams. Female Adams, Delaware, and Adams Variant are great but I have never had much success with the original or the parachute version.

03-04-2009, 01:13 AM
First of all, thanks for your service...and as a prior military myself, I know when you get some leave or some liberty, you've have got to make the most of it.
I guess you know that winter comes down the mountain and spring goes up, and the best action here soon will probably be the lowest elevations like Little River from Elkmont to the sinks where some of the biggest hatches will be. Big dries #12/10 for the Quill Gordons and smaller dries for the blue quill in an #18 or 20. Maybe a quill gordon softhackle dropper, but definitely small pheasant tails would be good nymph for prehatch searching... maybe some SMBBSH and Little Black Caddis too...
Abrams should warm up nice and it fishes well in the winter already so it may the best option - but you may be dealing with others especially loop drivers because the warm spell.
Low elevation brookies is a tough find, and as mentioned there are some easier access options that really are probably still too chilly for an active bite - but they do have to eat and you might find some willing - Greenbrier area, Road Prong/WPLP
I had the same quest for the areas you mention and after hearing the same about Laurel Falls no fish to speak of, I found easier specs....my buddy's done Miegs (right after the ban lift) hoping for bigger brookies, but found lots of little one and the trail from the sinks will cross the creek for decent access, but the weather was much warmer then too for the action...but we went back to the easier access, and I have sought out Indian Camp but it was tough to pinpoint and parking not so great...rumors of car break-ins (course that could've been rumors to keep people away) kicked me back to the easier access... waters off LeConte are definitly colder year around so its probably going to be tough this early....Cosby Campground has specs above it but again, upper areas and colder...not to be a downer, but it may pretty tough for solid spec action just - not saying you can find some though...one of "lowest" elevations specs and one of the biggest surpised me at the Chimney Picnic area, go figure...
I'm supposed to be taking a buddy out to the places I like to go for specs, and though early, we're gonna see if they're hungry this early if he can get off work so I'll post a report...

03-04-2009, 03:18 PM

I'm hoping to get out the first of next week so if you do go spec-hunting before then, be sure and post - I'd love to start out March with a brookie or two.

03-04-2009, 09:26 PM
Is Sams creek an option. I was up ther in December during a warm spell, but don't think I was up high enough. Caught a few teeny bows' but no specs.


03-04-2009, 10:21 PM

Sams Creek is an option but if you were catching bows, you were not above the waterfalls. Do a search on Sams Creek here on the board and you will get directions on how to get up to the upper end. Or search on Defeat Ridge Trail, the way up. Not a bad walk - the water temps should be a little higher than some of the upper elevation streams like Road Prong, West Prong of Little Pigeon and Walker Camp.

03-05-2009, 08:17 AM
Thanks for reminding me about the thread on Sams. I've been nosing about on the board for about a year. When I registered, I guess I never completed it and was not allowed to post.

The creeks along 441 had never crossed my mind for this trip. I am sure winter will have a grip on those streams for about another month or so.