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03-14-2009, 10:28 PM
I just made a post about sink tip line a couple of days ago and i appreciate the tips and advice very much. I was also wondering if an 9ft section of say 15-20lb florocarbon used as a leader would be a good alternative to a sink tip leader. Does anyone think would be an effective way to get streamers down to the big boys? Thanks.

03-15-2009, 04:27 PM
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Byron Begley
03-15-2009, 08:16 PM
Hi bigpopper,

You will have problems with using only one size of fluorocarbon for 9' of leader. I believe it will be hard to run over big flies which you will probably be using with 12# tippet. Fluorocarbon sinks faster than nylon but not that much faster. I use fluoro for abrasion resistance. Some people say it is less visible to fish. I don't know about that. I use a formula that works well for turning over big flies. I don't know where I learned this but I use 6' of butt section, 2' of mid section and 2 feet of tippet. What I end up with is a 10' leader. Sometimes I start with 30# for the butt and sometimes 39#. The mid is usually 20# to 25#. For the tippet you are talking about is 12#. Sometimes I use 16# for tippet. Add 2 feet of that. Use double surgeon knots and you will get a good connection even though you are joining two different sizes with big diameter differences. That knot seems to work for me. The difference between nylon and fluorocarbon as far as sink rates won't make that much difference when casting flies with 12# leaders in my opinion. Most of the leaders I build this way are used for big fish and big flies. You can play around with the lengths according to the size of the flies you are casting. Sometimes I shorten the butt by a foot or so with heavy flies. I usually build these leaders while on the water.


03-15-2009, 11:28 PM
I agree with Byron on the bigger tippet. The leader it self isn't going to give you a lot of depth, sometimes, the longer the leader, your sink rate may be less:eek:
I'm throwing a 300 grain on one unit with 3-5' of 20# at the end of that, it won't sink all the way unless i mend like there's no tomorrow. If you're fishing still water, you may get some more depth with a longer leader & real heavy fly though.


Byron Begley
03-16-2009, 08:00 PM
I agree with Grumpy. Hi Grumpy!

What I described is what I use with floating lines and usually in saltwater. The shorter leader would work better with sink tip lines. And you could turn over flies with what Grumpy describes.


jarrod white
03-16-2009, 10:17 PM
I base my set up on flow, if they are running 1 unit between 34 and 3800 cfs, I will throw a 250 grain streamer express with a 24 to 30" pc. of 12 lb. flouro. If they are running any more flow than that, I throw a 375 gr. wet tip express with a 24" pc of flouro. I lose a lot of flies hanging the bottom, so I know its getting plenty deep.


03-20-2009, 09:18 AM
BIG THANKS EVERYBODY! Lots of great info I'll be using! I'm really looking foward to hooking into some big fish!