View Full Version : Sunlight in the spring

03-23-2009, 03:09 PM
I am thinking that the bugs came off on Little River in the sunny spots Sunday, and when the sun went behind the ridge the hatch quit....... as did the rising fish. I wished I had moved on to more sunny water when the stretch I was fishing became shaded. Quite a bit of water in the creek Sunday and 48 degrees at ~ 4:00 pm. Those that I caught rising were in pretty heavy tailout water below riffles. Never saw one come back twice in 2.5 hours. Beautiful day though and when the leaves start popping, it will get more beautiful still.
I fished a Quill Gordon (with wulff wings so I could see it!) and BWO. Saw Quill Gordons, BWO (16's), and more brown stones than anything else, should have tried a caddis dry, but spring time is mayfly time to me....... and the fishing was pretty good. All rainbows about 8" and fat, good to see on Little River!