View Full Version : Lake Ooloney, and Chatooga reports

Carolina Boy
03-31-2009, 08:51 AM
Stayed at table rock state park in SC and weather was terrible Fri and Sat and Sun, Managed three bass. Lake is beautiful, lots of flats for bedding bass come a few weeks from now, just missed it and weather got us? Went to fish the Chatooga for the first time every, also my first time fishing for mtn trout in my home state of SC. Got to a nice section of the river, I knoew the water would be dropping and a bit colored, it was, I figured the fish hadn't eaten in days due to weather. I managed a handfull of spunky bows, but there was a rainbow and a brown that i got real familiar with, they would rise every 5 min or so and just explode on a natural, makking a noise as if you threw a brick in the water, I put evereything I could in front of em..Nothing? I told my girl we would be leaving in 10 minutes, I was fishing a Female Adams, and i decided to clip of the tail, made another cast and wham! The brown exploded on it. We fought for over 10 minutes, as I tried to work him on my 4 wgt. He tried desperately to run me down a dangerouse riffle below, back and forth we went, having him inside the leader twice, finally he came close enough to net, as I went for him he turned and twisted around the net..pop..and he was gone? But I know I'll see him again in my nightmares! Great trip..great Fish..Great river.