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Art Vandalay
03-31-2009, 06:21 PM
Could anyone help me with a few questions:

1) How far from 441 do you need to hike to get into good fishing?

2) How steep is the grade and how long will it take?

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

03-31-2009, 07:12 PM

To get to the fourth bridge (first best place to put in), it's about .75 mile from the Chimney Tops trailhead.
The grade is fairly steep in places. Steep enough that an out-of-shape 50 something had to stop a couple of times and catch his breath but a 40 something could have trooped on up without stopping (hypothetically speaking, of course). You can be there in 20-30 minutes without a lot of trouble even if you're an out-of-shape 50 something. :rolleyes:

03-31-2009, 07:48 PM
You can also start at the third bridge. I've caught some nice fish between the third and fourth bridge, but as Charlie said, there's some good fishing above the fourth bridge.

Also, be very, very careful and try not to go by yourself. There are some pretty dangerous/tricky areas and if you get hurt you are far enough away from the trail that no one will be able to hear you. Try to go with a partner. A lot of water got pushed through the streambed this past December and there was quite a large deadfall about half way between the 4th and 5th bridge. If it came unlodged that whole area may be a pain to crawl through. Anyone been up there recently? It would be good to know beforehand.

Lastly, if you start at the fourth bridge, remember that the trail is on your right hand side. You will get to a point where you can't rock hop up the stream any more (at Trickling Falls) and you will have to get out and hike around (many people stop at this point). If you backtrack about 100 ft you will see a small dry feeder stream that you can crawl out of easiest and up to the trail. Otherwise you will be crawling out through Rhodie-****!