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04-10-2009, 02:01 PM
I was fortunate enough to fish the Madison, Gibbons and Fire Hole Rivers inside Yellowstone National Park. My family and I camped at Madison campground. I wanted to share a few things with you folks if I may. Before leaving I ordered some leaders from LRO (my daughter bought me a gift card from there) over the phone with Daniel. I could not help but brag about my upcoming trip to him and when he sent me the leaders he wished me well and good luck in my fishing out there. Been awhile Daniel, but thanks for your time and effort.

Those rivers are fly fishing only and I was surprised to see the number of folks using spinning gear. The way you could tell was by the obvisious way of reeling in their line and they would look over their shoulder every now and then. My daughter fished with me also and it was like a dream standing waist deep in those rivers and watching my girl hook up on a wild brown inside YNP. While dragging a nymph along the bottom my daughter gave me a shout...."Daddy look"......right over my head flew a beautiful Bald Eagle. Thought I would never see the day I would share some elbow room with bison while trying to fish.

During our time out there the Firehole was the better fishery for those 8 days. Funny thing, I visited Blue Ribbon Fly shop in West Yellowstone and they gave me great advice of course. But my best dry was a parachute Adams, my best nymph was a Hare's Ear and the black wooly bugger worked wonders also. The funny thing, those are my best flies in these neck of the woods here in WV.

I was surprised at the clarity of the water out there. I was expecting mostly clear water, but if you have ever heard the term "tea-colored" that is exactly what it look like. Advantage fishermen...... :-) I could write for an hour but I will not get any more long winded folks.

I consider myself a fortunate man to say I fished those waters of Yellowstone and the Snake River wilth the Grand Tetons as my back drop. But I will never forget my roots of the streams here in WV and I thoroughly love coming to Townsend and fishing those great streams in the Smokies also. Thanks for letting me go on. Take care...... :-)

Paula Begley
04-10-2009, 02:05 PM

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Thanks for the kind words about LRO.