View Full Version : Fishing report, why grow a business?

04-14-2009, 08:00 PM
Byron as you know I am in one of the hardest businesses (a truss company).
your commit about why you should grow your business hit home with me. I remember several years ago we hired our current general manager as an consultant, he asked the plant manager at the time how we could grow our business. his commit was why grow, we are doing great now. Needless to say he was replaced. Looking back now if we didn't start looking for new business and grow our company we would have locked the doors this year. Some of our biggest customers are no longer around. These were multi million dollar accounts. We had a mangers retreat last week just to explore new avenues to acquire new business, to be static is to fail. We also compete with large corporations and having a good team that can adapt to change has kept us going so far. The big boys are closing and we are alive to pick up the pieces. I also consider the owner a friend and so does most of the staff. All the managers took a pay cut, then we personally volunteered to take additional cuts. I strongly feel with this type of atmosphere we will come out of this stronger.