View Full Version : Anthony Creek 4/18

04-18-2009, 10:51 PM
Well I guess it is Anthony's Creek...It goes right through the cades Cove Picinic Area. I did quite well there in the half an hour I fished today. I caught 6, missed as many, and one was about 8 inches, the others around 6inches or so. I was really quite suprised by how that little creek has rebounded so well. I fished it during the drout a couple of years ago, and the water was barely moving..where there was water that is. All the fish I caught that day were less than 3 inches long. But what a difference today. So what I am really saying is, if you get roped into a cookout with the inlaws, and they HAVE to go to the cades Cove Picinic Area, not all hope is lost!!! Take the rod with you!