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04-19-2009, 01:04 PM
I fished for a few hours this weekend and the results were not good. I had been to the davidson and got into some nice fish several times. I was feeling pretty good and eager. I saw lots of fish, found some areas that looked like they would hold fish, I even was present for two hatches. But no fish. I understand there will be times when I won't catch fish, but I saw others catching fish. I don't know what I was doing wrong. I only fished dries cuz I had no clue what wet flies to use. I even used the flourcarbon. I know the best way to learn is a day on the river with a guide or well experinced fisherman. I can't really afford that right now. Are there any books anyone might recommend?

04-19-2009, 01:34 PM
I understand your frustration. I was on Raven Fork myself yesterday. I was there during a major tan caddis hatch. The hatch was so thick you cut catch the flies in the air with your hand. The fish however did not take on top. I caught two with a bead heap nymph fished fairly shallow. This indicates that they are taking the emerger rather than the dun (adult).

However, at about five in the afternoon, I began to see fish rising. Time for a dry. As soon as the dry hit the water I had several strikes. Unfortunately it wasn't my day. I got a "huge" rainbow on the EHC tan size 14. You could even hear the slurp. I fought the fish for about five minutes. I wasn't able to put any pressure on it because of the 6X tippet. Sure enough he threw the hook. It was an honest 20" fish. I know where he lives, so next time it's on.

To answer your question, yes there are several good books but the more important thing in my opinion is to observe and learn to read the water. If you know where the fish are and you observe it's eating pattern you can figure out most of this on your own. Yes a guide might help but it's not rocket science. Time on the water is the best school and yes you will have fruitless days. Even seasoned veterans get a skunk now and then, although some of em' don't want to admit to it. Have fun and keep asking questions.