View Full Version : Elkmont last weekend

Brian Griffing
04-23-2009, 09:19 AM
It has taken a little while to get this posted, and it may not be worth that much at this point, but I wanted to get it in anyway.
I took my brother about three miles above Elkmont last Saturday. We started fishing at about 3:30 p.m. and the water temp was right at about 50 degrees, maybe a shade warmer. We started fishing the bottom of a hole where we could see trout taking emergers at the bottom of the hole. I had a yellow neversink caddis on (just as something to ride high on the water as I didn't think anything would be coming to the surface when I tied it on) and a pheasant tail dropper about 20 inches below it. On my first cast, a twelve inch rainbow smacked the dry two seconds into its drift. He had just dove to the bottom and managed to take a little line off my reel when we saw another flash next to him. My brother yelled, "You got one on the dropper, too!" Sure enough. It was a first for me. At one point in fishing Elkmont, I had made one cast, and had caught two fish. That's like batting 2000. Of course, my average dropped off dramatically over the course of the day, but we made out pretty well. So well in fact, that I eventually cut the dropper off as I was hooking more fish on the dry. I saw a lot of gray and brown mayflies, and a lot of rusty colored caddis. I stuck with that yellow Neversink most of the day as it seemed to be working, and it was good for about a half dozen keepers, all 9-12 inches. We caught all rainbows, until right before dark as we were starting the three miles back to the truck, my brother landed an 11 inch brown out of the hole we had started in. All in all, a great day and I think a sign of a a great fishing season to come.