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07-05-2009, 10:57 PM
Well, we went down to Tims Ford Lake this weekend. We go down every 4th of July weekend every year. Its all dock/bank casting, or going out into the cove on a raft or tube. This year no luck Friday night or all day Saturday. I awoke today at 6:15 eager to get out on the lake and improve on my numbers (0 so far), look out the bedroom window, and RAIN!:mad: It was raining so hard i couldnt hardly see the cove just a 100 yards away! :mad: So I checked the forcast and they said 90% chance rain there all day. So we just hung out had some coffee and breakfast checked the 'ol email, and then......Sunshine!:biggrin: Got my gear headded down to the dock! Now 11:00 and still no hits. Chilled out for a while then used a "ring tube" like one of those tubes you sit in and float down the river, and drifted out from the dock 40-50 feet or so and casted back in. BAM! The bite was on! Bream were taring it up! little guys too small to hook, but this brought in the bigger ones. Then 4 bream in about 30 minuetes. Man they are fun.
Not too much size to em but loads of fun! Here are a few pics.

07-05-2009, 11:33 PM
They are fun! Last time I went, I caught a few of those and then switched to a streamer since I hadn't got skunked, that's when I caught that large mouth. Had to get down deep with a bead head.