View Full Version : MTFF outing 7/17-7/19

07-07-2009, 07:43 PM
Look out, here we come. Looks like we will have about 20 members of MTFF staying at Elkmont 7/16 till 7/19. Several members are first timers to the Smokies and I suggested they stop a LRO for information and Flies. If anyone is in the area stop in and say HI. One of us will have our banner their campsite. I am in site G26. I am taking Gaintfish and another member up Jakes Creek Friday, the only time I have ever been up there was before it opened, I have fished in the lower part, but never up high. The last time I took the fellow going with me was on the North, up high. We got separated and I got concerned, this was a very rough section. Afterwards we figured out that we went on opposite side of an Island. About 20 minutes later I found him moving very slow through some Mountain Laural. When we got back to camp he was barley moving. The next morning, after several pain killers, he flagged me down and wanted to go up high again. And now he wants to fish the GSMNP with me. SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T LEARN. But this time to be safe I won't let him get to far ahead of me.