View Full Version : Paint Creek Noobie Getting Better

07-11-2009, 12:37 PM
I have had the chance to get back onto Paint Creek for an hour or two at a time 3-4 times since my first post. I have started to learn about short casting, not breaking tippet with "bullwhip" casts, and setting up a good drift.

Yesterday I caught my first fish that I sighted, targeted, and presented my fly to. He took it on the third try past. I am not sure what he was. He was about 6-7"s and looked like a bluegill only his chest and markings were red.

There is a pool near where I park that I have fished almost every time I go. I have always seen one or two large bow flash by from time to time never getting them to take interest in my line. This time I finally got him to rise. He took a #14 Orange Elk Hair Caddis that was perfectly drifted over his hiding place about 5' deep. He shot up, grabbed, and headed back. I set the hook and he spit it up. :(

I threw everything in my limited flybox at him after that. He came out and sniffed everything I showed him without any interest.

One of these days I will get him.

07-11-2009, 01:48 PM
prosigna, That sounds like my mantra," Maybe next time I will get him" But that is what keeps me going back. A hook-up or even a rise from a fish gets the blood pumping. Hope all your trips are filled with tight lines and good weather! Keep up the good fight! flyguys