View Full Version : S. Holston 6/11-6/12

07-14-2009, 02:59 PM
Fished the SoHo sat. and sun. this past week.
I tend to fish low (big springs road) on the river because it's somewhat less pressured then below the weir.
Anyway, fishing was tough for quality fish.
I caught a little over 20 fish on both days but none was over 14". I seem to do a lot better fishing in winter for sizeable trout (?).
I fished alot of different patterns but the majority of trout came on a #22 "stripper" midge pattern on 7X.
I reckon I should of tried the river higher up near the weir to possibly get into some sulphurs but dang if those fish up there are pounded to death and the crowds are unreal.
Anybody else been up that way lately?


Hugh Hartsell
07-14-2009, 04:07 PM
Hi fourX,
Carolyn and I were on the South Holston on Thursday. We fished the Bend area first and caught a few to start off with on BHPTNs and when the Sulfurs starting coming off we switched to ComPara Duns and we used the Rockhold Sulfur Emerger for a dropper. The emerger seemed to be what they wanted and Carolyn was catching them so fast that I stopped fishing and just took pictures. The water came up pretty quickly and we then moved to Big Springs Road. I placed a BHPTN on under a strike indicator and just started catching one after another. Two of these were in the 15-16 in. range. I was pleasantly surprised since we were fishing right behind where others had just gotten out of the river from. Twenty fish days are not too bad. You'll get that big one eventually. Good luck.

07-14-2009, 06:39 PM
Hey Hugh,
You're lucky to get up there on a weekday!
I drive from Ktown up there whenever I can. I like the soho over the Clinch because usually I average much bigger fish and the river can get downright buggy. Usually I can fool at least 4-5 fish over 14" on a typical day up there. Not this past weekend though. But, I'm not frettin' 'cause it was a lush green day in TN. Glad to hear the sulphurs are still in some numbers up high.
These fish get so much pressure that I'm starting to feel like you get one or maybe two good drifts through a good hole for the bigger fish and if they don't hit you're relegated to some smaller ones.
I tend to fish small realistic flies except for when I see a prime brown trout hold then I'll beef the leader up and nearly always throw a #10 red-wire tungsten copper john with a split-case above and dredge the bottom. In the past 6 months I've netted 3-4 browns a little over 20".
I clicked on your link to your website and I'm really interested in some of the innovative patterns you're tying. I can see some purchases in the future for sure. I'm glad to see the 'ol blackbird fly still around, I used to fish those with Bobby Shultz years ago.
If you don't mind, what's your "go to" black fly pattern up there (particularly in the winter)? The "stripper" has fished pretty well up there for me but I'm sure there can be a better tie.


Hugh Hartsell
07-14-2009, 08:37 PM
It sounds like you've had some pretty good luck up there.
My favorite Blackfly pattern in the wintertime up there is the Blackbird Deerhair Emerger. The size can vary from #22- 30. A lot of times I'll fish a ComPara Dun into dead winter and drop off a Blackbird Deeerhair Emerger below it. The ComPara Dun is nothing more than a strike indicator, but occasionally you'll get a take on top.
You're passing by some awfully good water as you go up to the South Holston. I had a fantastic day today on that water and hooked fish that ranged from 11in. to almost 30 in. If you had been there you would have gotten to see a grown man cry.