View Full Version : Good afternoon on the creek - but no fish

07-17-2009, 06:09 PM
I spent 3 hours between two pools on Paint Creek. The water was down and the current was the lowest I have seen. The water was also very clear. This let me see deep into the pools. The trout were staying on the bottom and were not interested in any dry flies I put in front of them. They also ignored the dropper flies behind the dries. I switched to an olive #10 wooly booger and they took notice. By my count there were about 12 trout in this pool between 6" and 12". I took 4 or 5 good hits on the booger but was unable to get a hook-set. After a fish would hit the booger and I would miss the set he no longer was interested in the booger.

This was a good day because I did not have to worry about locating fish, I only had to concentrate on presentation. Of course, being a nooby, my presentation is terrible.