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07-31-2009, 10:33 PM
I am considering a trip to southern Maine & New Hampshire. Can anyone suggest some good streams to fish? I would like to fish in both states but I won't have time to travel to far up Maine. What about flys that you might have found useful? Decent/cheap lodging that you might have used?

08-01-2009, 08:48 AM
A few Yeras back I took a trip to Orient Maine, on East Grand Lake The lake had amazing smallmouth fishing, and its trly untapped. Everyone up there fishes for the salmon and trout in the lake, the smallmouth are overlooked. But if it is trout you are looking for, that is also a great place to go. All over northern Maine thee are thousonds of beaver ponds and small streams. We caught little trout everywhere! We caught trout from the ditch that ran the leangth of the median on the interstate! However, I will say, I did not catch any large fish if thats what you are looking for. But if you are looking for an out of the way, hardly fished rescource, northernmaine is terrific. There are also tons of logging roads you can hike or even bike to get farther back. I do have to mention that it has been about 5 years since Ive been there... It is possible that the earea i visited has grown up alot more, could be more people now, or even a shopping mall by non, who knows..

08-01-2009, 06:14 PM
You need to go here and ask your questions. ::


I spend 2 weeks a year in Maine, always in Grand Lake Stream. If you decide to go further North drop me a line. I can put you on some places to stay as well as an excellent guide.

Once you leave Calais there are no malls, developments so on and so forth.

This area is owned by the Passamaquody Indian tribe or the Downeast Land Trust.

A trout stream that comes to mind is Old Town Stream, its on rte 9.

I just got back from a weeks stay. The normal flies used here locally work just as well there.

Its 2 hours from Bangor or 4 hours from Portland.


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Flat Fly n
08-01-2009, 09:24 PM
Megalloway River in Maine.

It's about 10 miles N of Errol NH on route 16
5 miles N of Wentworth Location in ME which is just N of the old Brown Owl store !

Trophy section of Brook trout is hot right now according to my old friend and mentor..

At 76 he can outcast anyone on this board, from a float tube nonetheless!

08-01-2009, 09:42 PM
Thanks to all of you for the advice and information. I don't think we will have time to head to far north in Maine. I have family that lives up near Caribou so I do understand what you are saying about the remoteness. I joke to them about them being able to enjoy one day of summer, July 4th. In all seriousness though it is beautify county that far north. I am looking for something more in the line of the White Mountains of NH or possibly something just over the boarder of Maine.

I have heard that there is good brook trout fishing in some of the lakes up in northern maine. Is this where you have fished and know a guide?
Thank you to everyone for the replies.

Flat Fly n
08-01-2009, 09:56 PM
If your looking for "just over the Border" you have to check out where Errol NH is and then head north on route 16 about 10-15 miles to the Megalloway.

The Androscoggin near Errol is good if water is low and their is a alder fly hatch.

The areas in around the actual White to me never produced.

Right outside of Errol (which is a town of 2 gas stations) is Little Diamond pond which used to have a great sulphur hatch. Also just north of Errol, about 3 miles is Long Pond which also used to hold brookies. Both done by float tube.