View Full Version : Firewood in Townsend

Carolina Boy
08-13-2009, 08:36 PM
Anybody know where I can get some fire wood other than at the gas station or campground in Townsend? Any shower option for some money in Townsend? Not the end of the world if there ain't I just never have found a shower optin and don't have wood this time. Thanks

Rog 1
08-14-2009, 10:42 AM
The last time I tried I found showers for a reasonable price at the campground just across the bridge...think this is the Big Meadows Campground....have been told by a lot of the others that insurance won't allow non-campers to use showers....just about every place sells wood but it is all pre-packaged variety....

Jim Casada
08-14-2009, 11:02 AM
Carolina Boy--I can't help with the shower, but if you have a means of conveying it, there's firewood aplenty in any mountain stream. Just find a drift or place where some obstacle makes the stream "break its back" and there will be driftwood aplenty piled up there. It will be clean, stripped of bark, and if it is high and dry it makes wonderful firewood. This has always been the approach I've taken in the backcountry, and for some strange reason few seem to do it. It works just as well in the frontcountry (and you can scout a stream a bit while gathering wood). Jim Casada

08-14-2009, 09:53 PM
The IGA right next door to Little River Outfitters has firewood for sale.
Also, the camp ground at Elkmount also has firewood for sale.(Tip: elkmount keeps their firewood in a shed, it stays dry. The wood at the IGA is outside in the weather)

Check some of the tube rental places, you might find a shower.
For $54 you get a shower, tv, a bed, plus breakfast the next morning at the EconoLodge.
Most all of the campgrounds in Townsend have showers if you camp there.