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10-13-2009, 06:36 PM
Am heading to OBX 15 NOV for up to a week, WX dependant, and did not do so well with a fly rod last year. Trip then was first week of DEC, and not only cold but also wet and windy. Mostly hit the surf with casting rods, but did try an 8WT I have used in FL and Turks in the area of the Pea Island Reserve just south of Oregon Inlet. Nothing doing, but I am sure I had little clue of what to do to make something happen. Folks at the wildlife center said that was the place to go, but WX put things in the too hard pile. Assuming I might get a bit better WX, does anyone have any suggestions on trying to fly fish this area in the time frame I am headed there? Any suggestions as to places, times/tides, floating vs sinking vs sink tip, patterns, techniques will be greatly appreciated. Trip usually involves lots of Yuengling and sharks in the 2-4 ft range, but there is always hope for something we can actually eat. Any and all assistance greatly appreciated. Skip Watson

10-14-2009, 12:44 AM
I've fished the OBX a lot in late summer and have talked with a lot of folks who say fall is the best time there. Unless you have a FWD and run up and down the beach chasing the big runs, I've seen the surf really decline over the past 20 years or so. I rarely fish it anymore but concentrate on the sound. I fish a 8wt with sink tip exclusively, leave the char/white clousers home- don't work!, I use a dark brown/tan or Tan/white clouser, w/ copper flash- some locals use red/dark brown. Shrimp like clousers work well for me. Also spoon flies are good.
Straight wading access-1) behind Bodie Light walk through gate then follow road. I've never done well there in Summer- Mosquito hole- but have heard it is great at times. Wadeable supposedly up or down from the dock.
2)The New Inlet Bridge on Pea Island- has a slough under it- Its the broken down bridge visible from the road, by a boat dirt ramp. Some folks have done well there- I haven't but have found if you have a boat / kayak and look through the bridge you'll see an island. There has been a 10 foot deep trough in front of it full of sea trout.- These two might be better with the cooler weather.
3) The most popular one seems to be "Propeller Slough" by Oregon Inlet marina. This has fished best for me at dawn- early morning with a tide change. I fish the trough like a stream tossing my clouser upcurrent and letting it wash down and retreive it on the swing.
Slight depressions will hold fish waiting for forage to wash down to them. I drift my clouser many times, then walk down the trough a few feet and repeat. You'll have to "Prospect". I've seen a lot of fish caught in one area and folks 10 yards away go fishless. If you get a fish work the area hard! There are usually more around. I've caught some nice seatrout, and flounder here and have been told that it is a hot spot for puppy drum in the fall. The area around the cut where the blue water boats come in has been good at times. Also, if you walk the trough toward the Bonner Bridge, there are several duck blinds that are used to locate holes. I've done well just past the first blind on the shore. This trough was the boat channel at one time and has been filling and constantly changing.

If you have a kayak or jon boat the area behind the CURRENT Coast Guard Station, is really good. There are several islands undercutting channels back in there. Shoot me an email if you have access to one and I can elaborate more. randallsale@att.net

As you probably know, there is very little fly tackle available on the OBX except one store in Frisco!

Randall Sale
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