View Full Version : November Trip

10-14-2009, 11:31 PM
Hey Folks-Planning on being in Gatlinburg Nov.16-22.Never fished ya'lls side before.Fished NC side extensively but never in Nov.Any dry fly fishing then or is it mainly nymphs?BTW caught 27" bow in the cherokee Trophy sec first week in Oct. on Mickey Finn Streamer.Tried to buy more Finns and had 3 shops tell me they'd never heard of them.Cripes-are they not knowledgeable or am I getting that old?

Carolina Boy
10-14-2009, 11:43 PM
Dude, waynesville Fly Shop, gots tons of em, not sure if they actually got em labeled as Sir Mickey Finn but its the same thing and they got a bunch call em up, 828-246-0306, those guys work in da west fork too!

10-15-2009, 08:17 AM
Thanks for the info Carolina Boy.Don't get to Waynesville often,stick by Bryson City.I can tie my own,just couldn't believe these guys didn't know.P.S.Black-nosed Dace work well also.Wanna hear an odd streamer presentation?Hold fly in hand-let out 50-60' of line in loop downstream-release fly-step back.This has worked on large,finicky fish that have had everything thrown at them.I think the fact that the streamer is going away from you makes the diff.Maybe they don't connect it with you.May be crediting trout with too much intel ,but maybe not.