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10-18-2009, 09:24 PM
i was looking at a tellico nymph recipe, and it called for making the body from yellow floss. what is the difference, if any, in floss and yellow tying thread?

Hugh Hartsell
10-18-2009, 10:06 PM
The biggest difference that you will see between the two threads is a glossier look with floss. The colors available in floss are more vibrant than thread but it is much harder to tie with for a beginning tier. Most people use a dubbing for the body. Any of the three materials will catch fish. Good luck.

10-18-2009, 10:19 PM
Thank you very much Hugh.

10-18-2009, 10:32 PM
Hugh, I was looking at the website liked in your post. The pic at the top of the hatch chart page looks like Roaring Fork behind Zoder's in up in my neck of the woods.

Hugh Hartsell
10-19-2009, 07:04 AM
You are correct about the picture. I had just picked up a couple of clients for a guided trip and I thought the scene was very picturescue. It is a great reminder of trips that are in the past now, but that will remain in my mind for years to come. Since you bring it up, I hope that as any of you go through the website and look at pictures that it will bring back memories of fishing trips that you might have done in the past and I will encourage each of you to take a camera with you to record these experiences of a lifetime. Once taken, they are there to remind you of great times that you might have and they will never be lost, if they are cared for.
Good luck with the Tellico Nymph and good fishing to you when you try it.

10-19-2009, 08:03 AM
That pic did remind me of a fishing trip, but reminded me more of the night I had a call at work of a guy under the bridge, and it turned out to be a drunk who fell in a got washed down through there, and I had to get in and drag him out haha. Thanks for the good luck wishes. Have a great day. I worked all night so it's bed time now.

10-19-2009, 12:20 PM
In addition to what Hugh said floss builds up quicker than thread. UNI makse a couple other materials that I really like for underbodies on this pattern. UNI stretch and UNI Yarn. They hold their color well, build up quick, and are easier to work with than floss. The UNI stretch lays flat and has a sheen almost like floss, and the UNI yarn can be roughed up with a brush to almost look like dubbing. It is multi stranded, and the strands can be separated to use on different size flies.

10-19-2009, 06:15 PM
Thanks Flyman. I may have to look in to that since the thread does take a while to build up the body with. I tried using a bigger thread so I cold build up the body a bit quicker, but the peacock ribbing tries to move a lot more on top of the big thread than it does on the small.