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11-21-2009, 06:26 PM
Ok I have a good problem. My wife for xmas is buying me a winston rod. Now my question is which one. I am looking for something to use in the rivers of NC, SC. TN. but also for those rare trips out west. The rods I have now are a Sage SPL center axis 0 wt. ,Sage Fli 5 wt, and a Sage Fli 9 wt. Also Winston has the buy a premium rod and get a Ascent rod for $65 I will get 2 rods under the tree,what a deal. Thanks for you help.;)

LRO is 7 hours from me so I don't have a shop to test them but I was thinking about a boron II t

11-21-2009, 08:01 PM
sctrout, I was in birmingham today and cast the BIIx rod from winston in a 7wt and it is awesome. It is as light as any 5wt I have ever held and cast like a 6wt. It is a very sweet rod. Other than that I would suggest the wt series of winston rods. They are also very sweet sticks. You can not go wrong with a winston.

11-21-2009, 10:15 PM
I own a Winston Boron 2 t (BIIt).

It's a 9' 4wt 4 piece.

That and my Scott G2 9' 5wt 4 piece are my 2 favorite rods.

I've had the Winston for about 3 years now and it has been fished very hard. On average, I get about 150 or so days a year on the water and the Winston has been my go to rod since I bought it.

I broke one section (my fault). I called the guys at Winston told them straight up it was my fault and I would gladly pay for the repair. They told me to send it in and let them take a look. I shipped it to them with whatever the shipping and handling fee was (can't remember the cost). A couple weeks later a gentleman from Winston called me and told me they were fixing it under warranty. I told the guy it was my fault again and he said they were fixing it under warranty.

Can't beat that with a stick as far as I'm concerned.

The rod cast great with a 4wt Rio Gold line.

It's a moderate action. I wouldn't call it fast and I wouldn't call it slow. It loads nicely with just a foot or so of line out the tip (which is how I fish it on the smaller streams in the mountains) and when needed, it'll launch 60' plus of line out there when I'm fishing the warm water lakes.

I've caught a number of 18" plus bass on it, countelss bluegill and crappie and hundreds of trout ranging in size from 3" dinks to a 19" brown in Yellowsone.

This and my Scott G2 rods (a 5wt and a 3wt) have never let me down.

The winston is a "prettier" rod than the Scotts.

I guess you can count me in the "very pro" Winston BIIt camp.


11-21-2009, 11:09 PM
biix has a softer tip than your sage i would consider it to be med. fast
biit is litter and softer than the biix .i own both in 4 wt. i prefer the biix but i like faster action rods. cast them both before you decide.