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11-23-2009, 01:28 AM
http://s258.photobucket.com/albums/hh259/kybowhunter930/trammel%20nov%202009/ (http://s258.photobucket.com/albums/hh259/kybowhunter930/trammel%20nov%202009/)

Above is a link to a photobucket album of some pics I’ve taken down at Trammel Fork this fall. Some were taken with my cell the rest were taken with a digital camera. I’ve included some descriptions for some of the pics, you have to click on the pic to see them. I’m starting a photo journal and they are notes to reflect on later in life. There’s a couple of pics of some of the fish I caught, and others of the stream itself.

So far this fall Trammel has been fishing really good. I landed one of my biggest trout caught on a dry, a fat 17” brown, on Oct. 4. (ive caught a couple of others this big down there but always on streamers) October fished excellent, lots of browns had come out of their nooks and crannies for the spawn. I had one day where I had a 30-40 fish day, a good 15 were browns. Then the week of Halloween we got two really big rains and it had the water almost out of the banks. It blew the stream out and washed a lot of the trout downstream. I went the weekend after and discovered that the high water reeked havoc on the Stream Restoration area. There was one long deep pool that they put in that is now cut in half because it filled up with gravel and is now a riffle area.

After they did the digging and bank work they went and put burlap netting on the banks to keep it from washing out in the rain, and keep the straw and grass seed there when they sowed it. It section of netting is probably 40-50 ft. long x 3ftwide, and they are laid in succession of each other lining the banks. Well they just put the netting down with wooden stakes and the high water just grab alot of the netting and washed it out into the stream. I found one a couple hundred yards from where they stopped the work. You should be careful while wading so you don’t get tangled up. And also if you are nymphing, you get hung up a lot, and it’s a big pain in the ***. But one good thing is it offers cover for the trout, and they are utilizing it. Also it totally washed out several sections of the bank that they just repaired. I think they underestimated how high the water can get down there and they didn’t put any stone in with the dirt and when the water got up it just washed it all back out.

I discovered this 2 weeks ago, and went fishing again on Friday and in that time they have since been back down there and repaired the washed out banks, and this time added large limestone in with it, so we’ll see how that does. Also they have gone and planted a whole lot of saplings (about 3 feet tall) along the banks. There are several species, the only one I recognized was the willows. Only the willows still have limbs on them, the rest just look like sticks stuck in the ground. At first I was like what the heck, then I took a good look around and realized what was up. They are kind of hard to pick out so be careful while walking the banks to not break them off. I wish they would mark them with flags or something so the bait chuckers don’t rip them out and use the for rod holders. Its going to be interesting to see how this does over the coming years.

On Friday the fishing was excellent. The stream temp was 56-57 degrees throughout the day. They were hitting nymphs bouncing off the bottom in the morning and then started to hit dries a little bit after about 1 oclock and lasted through out the rest of the afternoon. They would hit a #12 or 14 olive stimi and #16 brown or olive EHC . I was fishing either a #14-16 Flashback BHPT or a #16 BWO nymph off the dry in the afternoon and had good success on both. I managed about 20 trout. Caught one beautifully colored 12” brown right before dark and long distance released a 14-15” rainbow. Just didn’t get a good hook set on him. I also caught about a 10” rock bass and nice bluegill. I didn’t see as many browns as I have been so I guess they are done spawning down there for the year and spread back out and back into their hiding holes. Right now it seems they are liking dark brown and olive colored flies. Towards the end of the year and on into spring, small black stones start hatching. #18 black EHC and #16-18 black copper johns have served me well during these months. Pretty much anything dark or black, and nymphs fished deep, and of course fishing BH Buggers in #10-12 work really well. Like I said the fishing has been really good and doesn’t seem to be letting up much yet. Don’t be afraid to cover a lot of water if you decide to fish there. They are spread out from all the rain and high water and Plus some of the deep pools that have been there for years and always hold good numbers have been shallowed out because they have been filled up with gravel.

Sorry this is so long, and I hope someone finds it helpful or at least informative. And I hope you enjoy the pics and find them interesting as well. There’s a couple I took of the spring itself. I haven't included any of the restoration section because i always forget to take pics there. I just recently got a waterproof digi and haven't gotten used to actually having a camera with me :redface:. Plus when i fish that section i start the day out there and my eagerness to fish prevails. Ill try to post some after my next outing down there.

Im in desperate need for fishing new water and a change in scenery so the Friday after Thanksgiving I’m going to head over to Bark Camp Creek in eastern KY. if anyone wants to join me Id enjoy the company and are more than welcome. I hear it fishes really well in the fall also. Its another of the few streams in KY that get a brown trout stocking. Ill post a report when I get back.

Thanks for reading and here’s the link to the album again…

-Brad Redmon

11-23-2009, 10:52 AM
Oh and anyone that might be interested in fishing Bark Camp, shoot me an email bredmon930@yahoo.com.

11-23-2009, 02:04 PM
I am still really wanting to fish trammel, but I have just been way to busy with school. As soon as things let up, or when I get out for the semester in mid December, I am going to shoot you an email about trammel if you don't mind. I can't wait to fish this area, from looking at your pictures. One quick question though, I live about 5 min from Western's campus. How long would it take me to get down to trammel?

11-23-2009, 03:54 PM
take you about a half hour maybe longer depending on the stoplights on scottsville rd

11-23-2009, 04:03 PM
I really enjoyed the photos and the update on the restoration section. Have a good time Bark Camp Creek. I may actually be able to get over to Trammel since we have a long weekend coming up, the photos have helped encourage me to skip out on things around the homefront and take time to just go fishing.:biggrin:

11-23-2009, 11:53 PM
tnflyguy, you can shoot me an email anytime. If im able to go on the day you go decide to go down there and you want company I'd be happy to meet up. Im moving to lexington the weekend of new years and im not gonna get to fish Trammel very much anymore. Mainly just when I come down to visit my parents. So any excuse i can have to get to go down there and go fishing is a welcome one :biggrin:.
Depending on where you live it can take 30-45 min. to get there. I live out right off louisville road about 5 min. from Exit 28 and i just hit I65 and take it to scottsville road and it takes me right at 40 minutes to get there. Its pretty easy to find, when you email me i can give turn by turn directions from pretty much anywhere in bg.

Streamhound, Im glad you enjoyed them, and I hope I gave you that little nudge you needed to get out and fish :biggrin:. I usually don't fish oct./nov. due to bow season. But ive been hunting really hard the past couple of years and im a little burnt out. Plus like i said, im moving next month and i always use my parents freezer to store my meat and we can't afford to buy one right now, and i didn't feel like worrying about figuring out what to do with 130 lbs of meat. Its fishing pretty well right, ive only had one bad day and that day was spent more or less scouting and checking stuff out, and the leaves were falling like rain so getting a drift was near impossible. If for some reason I don't go to Bark Camp ill probably hit up trammel friday. My fiance is working Fri. and my inlaws are keeping our daughter for the weekend so im definately going fishing somewhere as long as weather cooperates. Maybe we'll run into each other down there.

Brad Redmon

11-25-2009, 06:25 PM
I finally was able to get out and fish today, and decided to head down to Trammel. I started fishing at the church on concord church rd and worked my way upstream to the Blankenship bridge. Started out with with a Elk Hair Dry and a prince dropper. The trout were not into this combo at all. After a little while I switched over to a copper john dropper only. This seemed to do much better than my previous rig. Only caught a few along the stretch that I fished, but I can't complain considering this was my first time down there. For those of you that have fished trammel does anyone ever fish further upstream than the Blankenship bridge, or do most people stop there. If anyone does fish upstream of the bridge how far do you go up. (Sorry for all the periods the QUESTION MARK mark button is broke on the keyboard)

11-25-2009, 11:50 PM
I have fished about 1/4 mile from Blankenship but it seems the fishing slacks off upstream very far from the last stocking point at the bridge. What about downstream from Concorde? I have went down about 1/4 mile but you would think several fished get washed downstream a ways.
I fished Rock Creek 2 weeks ago and the fish were hard to find but easy to catch. Any rising fish came to hand easily using zebra midges and BHPT #18. Fishing pressure was light. The water was at a good level and very very clear.
May make the trip down to Trammel Saturday

12-21-2009, 07:55 PM
Have you fished trammel creek lately? Could you give me an update on the conditions and where to go? I will be in the Southern Ky area over New Years, and we were thinking about trying out Trammel. Thanks

12-21-2009, 11:24 PM
The last time I was down there was on Dec. 4th. At that time it was still fishing good, I caught about 12 or 13 trout. Now since then we have had some big rains. A buddy of mine fished it on the 12th and said that the rain earlier that week had it out of its banks but it had gone down when he was down there and he had some luck. I suspect its back out of its banks right now as well because it rained all day friday and on into sat. And right now they are calling for rain wed. and thurs. again which will have it really high yet again. Which really sucks because i was wanting to fish on sunday after christmas. Im moving to lexington on the 2nd so im not gonna get to fish it for quite a while, probably not again till feb. Im gonna have to find somewhere close to Lex to fish, if you happen to know of anywhere im all ears.

Right now everything is just so saturated that the water has no where to go except down stream so its draining slower than normal, which is a good thing just puts a damper on the fishing :frown:. Plus i just checked the extended forcast and they are call for rain again next wed.

As far as where to fish, your guess is as good as mine guy. The whole stream has been fishing good this fall. Its become a totally new stream in its entirity since the restoration work all that work up stream has changed the flow of the whole thing. You change the configuration of one pool and it effects the whole stream, alot of times people don't realize that, especially land owners that alter the stream for their own benefit. Plus every time the water gets up real high it changes more, and its almost like fishing a whole new stream each time. The restoration section was fishing well but my guess is those fish have probably gotten washed down a bit. The tiny black stones have already started showing up down there i had luck with a black bh micro stone nymph and olive or brown BH buggers. Shoot me an email before you head this way and if ive gotten to fish ill let you know how i did.

12-24-2009, 12:26 PM

Thank you very much for the update. I'll send you an email the first of next week to discuss this further with you.

Merry Christmas!