View Full Version : Caney 11/29

12-02-2009, 10:00 PM
I made it out to the Caney FINALLY in hopes to get my November fish of the month, despite the poor reports. I started under the dam in hopes that the fish were still upriver, and they were. I was using a sz. 8 black wooly bugger when I saw a long flash right after it. I looked at the water to try to find the fish, and found what I thought to be a carp, until I saw it had a yellow belly with a white mouth :eek: I cast to it again, and this monsterous trout slammed the bugger so hard it broke my rod...

Just kidding. Wish that were true, but I believe my rod was stepped on sometime before I went fishing, because when I was stringing up, I pulled line through the guides and the tip snapped off. Needless to say, casting was very difficult, and the wind made it that much harder.

My report is the exact same as everyone elses- used every fly in my box, and no fish. I had a small brown follow my EHC indicator for a couple feet, but that was the only fish interested. There was more surface activity than other have mentioned, however. Trout were spastic over these tiny flies that were a grey/blue/greenish color. They had to be 30-32, the only way I saw them is if they were in groups. They rolled over the water almost like tumbleweed.

It's the rod's fault though :rolleyes: