View Full Version : cumberland mtn state park crossville tn

12-16-2009, 06:42 PM
since i couldn't get on any rivers today i went up to the state park to see if anyone was catching any of the winter stocked trout......i have been wanting to try my flyrod on the lake .....used my intermediate sinking line and some bead head buggers and a bead head green thing....fourth cast bang fish on .....caught 6 fish and lost 4 as i was bringing them in.....i thought not bad for 2 hours of fishing a fly in the lake....2 other guys there using power bait.....one guy caught 1 fish the other left after about 45 min..... not the same as fishing the rivers but at least i was out there and learned that the rod and flies will take fish in the lake....so if you guys live near one of the winter stocked lakes and the rivers are blown out..... the lake will be a good option to hold down your flyfishing withdrawl lol lol .......i was just letting the flies sink about 10-20 seconds then stripped it back and its a deep lake so don't be detered by depth of the lakes near you.... my guess is the fish either sensed the vibration of the strip saw the fly or were just in the upper water colume.... i would assume most of the stocked lakes have docks, bridges, or some areas of clear shoreline

David Knapp
12-17-2009, 12:32 PM
Dan, that is one of my winter fishing holes. It is definitely not the same as a trip to the Smokies or a tailwater but it is a good option that is close when I just want to fish for an hour or two... Glad you had a good time and hope to see you on the lake sometime!