View Full Version : Fly tying series #4

01-06-2010, 12:13 AM
I posted the 4th installment of the fly tying series on my blog tonight. Before anyone comments, my philosophy on fly tying is that presentation is far more important than a pretty fly. Sometimes, I will settle in and spend time to make sure all proportions are right and the fly looks good. Over the years, I've found the fish are far less picky than the fishermen. So, if you're looking for really pretty artistic flies it's not me. If you're looking for a fly you can tie quickly, won't cry when you leave it hanging in a tree and the fish will look at as a potential lunch opportunity... :-)

It's a starling and peacock soft hackle. (not Hughe's SMBBSH, unfortunately). I have caught a lot of fish on this fly though. One day, I'll learn to tie the famous SMBBSH :smile:

The link to the blog is in my signature line. If you're interested, check it out. I have a lot of pictures of the steps involved and have attempted to describe how it's tied and how I fish with it.

Hope you all enjoy.


The folks at LRO can set you up with all the materials used in the fly. Even though all the fly tying stuff is not on the web site, if you call and tell what you need, they'll get it right out to you.