View Full Version : caney wed 1-13

01-13-2010, 08:14 PM
fished the caney today as generation was off from 8am on.......i waited for it to warm up and started fishing around noon.....water was well dropped out below the steps.....i managed 4 fish all in the 12 inch range...3 rainbow one brown ..... i was fishing a beadhead greenthing size 12...landed the first 3 fish on it then lost it to a nice hard hit down below the first rock bluff....tied on a smaller size 16 greenthing i had added a chennil body too and caught the 4th fish down by the shallows before the turn to the bluffs....alll 4 were caught while stripping either up stream or down..... did not get any hits deaddrifting..... talked to 2 other guys who were having a good day on green midges size 18 and 20.... it was a beautiful day on the river .......stayed warm except for my feet which were getting cold by the time i started back up river at 3pm...i think i am going to look into some of those heated socks for winter fishing.....saw several rises today more than the last couple times i went ....the fish are there and active just a little slow ....

01-13-2010, 08:42 PM
I had to drive to Nashville from Maryville today and noticed that the Caney was way down this morning. I stopped on the way back east this afternoon at the rest stop just west of Exit 268 and there was a fellow putting on his waders in the parking lot. He said there were a couple of other guys already down on the river fishing. Of all the times to have left my gear at home - I almost always have it all stowed in the back of my SUV. Today, a Boy Scout I was not.