View Full Version : byrds creek crossville

01-20-2010, 06:32 PM
went up to the state park but it was still completly froze over.....so i decided to try the stream below the dam.... i'm sure there must be some washed over or sucked out fish below the dam ...... i caught one there when i first moved here....i drove down to where the stream runs under rt 127 and fished up towards the park .... i don't know how far it is to the park following the stream but i know rainbows will go down stream till they find bigger water....i was surprised at the depth of the stream some nice deep wholes..... it was extreamly difficult to fish even roll casting i got hung up in the brush.... spent about an hour before the rain came back in and caught no fish and had no hits.... it was an adventure anyways and i will try it again but will start at the park behind the dam next time....