View Full Version : Holston River 2.28.10

03-01-2010, 11:43 AM
Rodonthefly and I took off to the Holston yesterday and fished from about 11:45am 3:30pm. Water was set to turn off around 11am so we aimed to get there right around that time. We headed up towards the dam, but decided to do a little exploring while the water was coming down. We were fortunate to find a couple nice locals on down river that helped us to some nice water.
I started out with a BHPT with a midge dropper. After about an hour with no takes, I decided to head over to a big deep long run that looked promising. I almost immediately hooked into a nice 14in bow on an olive wooly bugger. A few casts later a very healthy 16 incher. About that same time Rod began hookin some good fish on his double nymph rig. His nicest fish of the day is pictured. Fish looked to have been eating well! All was going well until a jon boat decided to pass right through the two runs Rod and I were fishing. That put the fish down for about 30-45 minutes.
Productive Flies BHPT, Midge, Olive wooly bugger
It was a great day on the water and we plan to visit the Holston again.