View Full Version : Campsite 18 trip

03-31-2010, 10:14 AM
Howdy, folks. Well, I was waiting on a friend to send me some pix, but I'm gonna go ahead and update ya'll on our trip up to campsite 18 last weekend.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, and we got to the campsite around 2:00 with about a gazillion bugs on the water. The ladies got busy hoola hooping in camp (yes, you read that right... backcountry hooping!), and my buddy Garrett and I got rigged up and started fishing.

Things started good, then slowed down and I thought it might be a dud day. I was fishing a blue quil #18 w/ a quill wet fly. I was getting a fair number of rises for my dry, but I couldn't see the dang thing! Tied on a #14 and had more luck. Caught 6 in a couple hours of fishing and really enjoyed the day. Didn't get a single hit on the wet fly.

I'd say things are definitely starting to get good up in the Park. It won't be long before folks start having good 20-50 fish days up there! I'll post a couple pix later this week when my buddy's wife emails them to me.