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04-11-2010, 10:52 PM
my buddy bill floated the caney saturday from the dam to happy hollow two of them caught 3 fish...... they threw everything from midges to streamers..... veggitation in the river almost no exsistant.....they saw no fish swimming in the river that they may have spooked or just caught site of...today we decided to float the lower end from bettys island to carthage ball field... we didn't fish till we got below kirby... from bettys to kirby saw one fish rise and saw no trout in water at all.... this is highly unusual for the caney as you always see trout swimming when wadeing or floating... we did however see 3 schools of carp heading up river to spawn i assume.... couldn't get them to bite either lol ....finally the first fish came down around stonewall bridge wayne landed a nice brown i think it measured at 14 inches .... next fish was a white bass around 10 inches or so...wayne connected again this time with a fish that him and bill said looked close to 20 inches it threw the hook just as bill got the net from the drift boat ....total fish for the day 3 i had one hit and i think bill had 2 .......we threw a bunch of different patterns today and stopped at many runs along the way fishing them for 30 or so min each.... the 3 fish came on waynes olive zonker with some red and red flash tied into it ...we didn't count but 4 risies all day in i think 8-9 miles of float ....there was a hatch of brown or olive caddis couldn't grab one to see for sure,,, coming off sporadicly something i'm not used to seeing on the caney... but the fish were not feeding on top at all...even though it was a slow day it was a great day to be on the river with friends and to see a part of the caney we had never fished.... this section of the river from kirby to carthage has some beautiful water and runs and i hope to fish it again with better luck next time... maybey i'll get lucky and nab a nice striper and some trout....

04-12-2010, 03:45 PM
I was thinking on heading that way in the near future. After reading this, I'm having second thoughts. Does anyone else have something to report, or should I just stay home and fish locally?

04-12-2010, 04:22 PM

Gonna try and hit it this weekend...I'll post a report.

04-12-2010, 06:36 PM
buzz ..... this how it has been fishing since thanksgiving ...... we keep trying and hoping things will improve......the report is not meant to scare people from fishing... i am a long way from an expert.....and am sure there are others who are much smarter than me and may very well be succsessful each time they go... i just try to give an informative and detailed report so someone else can have the same succsess that i had when i had a good day on the river and just write what the day brought... we have discussed the issue amongst ourselves many times since nov of last year and are just dumbfonded as to why the fishing is so bad on the caney...the new regs are a great idea and i am all for them... but if there are 80% less fish as stated by the twra as of the last shocking about a month ago what good will they do us...my own belife is the heavy generation that was run all winter wiping out vegitation and driving the fish down to the cumberland ....i realize they need the water down for **** repair but i think its destroying a great fisherie.... no vegitation equals less hiding and holding areas for fish and less insect life to feed on and if the food supply is not enough to hold the fish they are going to go find it else where in the river ...that was our main reason for the float sun. on the lower portion of the river.... just my 2 cents.... good luck on your outing

04-12-2010, 07:59 PM
The good news is: Once the dam is done, we will be good to go until we are all old men :smile: I will still go. Even if I catch 1/5th the amount of fish, it's a beautiful river.