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04-15-2010, 08:55 AM
Gaintfish(my 17yr old son) is graduating on may 16th (no troutfest this year) and for his graduation present from his Dad I am Giving him a 3day father son fishing trip. But I am torn between GSMNP or the North river. I was thinking about staying at Smokemont, but it is closed for repaving. Going to Elkmont in June with MTFF. went to the North last month. any suggestions on where to take him. Any suggestions for a different are would be good.
Man, it make me feel old. I remember when I was reading the entertaining post on here form a young man about survival skills and Fly fishing questions, only to find out he was my son. He informed me that he wants to go in to Fishery Biology.

04-15-2010, 02:41 PM
I remember when I was reading the entertaining post on here form a young man about survival skills and Fly fishing questions, only to find out he was my son.

I remember these posts also. Once you figured out he was your boy, didn't you have to limit his computer time so he could get his homework done?

Here's my suggestion. Rent a cabin in Townsend. It sounds like you want to camp, but with a cabin, bad weather won't put a damper on things. There's plenty of places to fish within 20 minutes from there. And he will also get his daily "eyefull" looking at the sunbathers when you drive past the "Y". What 17 year-old doesn't like girls in bikinis?

04-15-2010, 03:18 PM
Hey Vern,

I miss Giantfish posts too. The cabin is a good idea but you may want to look at the KOA in Townsend. I took Cardfly Jr. to one of those little cabins and he loved it. Kind of camping with a roof over your head. (And a bathroom near by.)

Have a great trip.

Jim Casada
04-15-2010, 04:50 PM
Vern--Consider Deep Creek campground just outside Bryson City. You've got Deep Creek at your tent flap, Indian Creek an half mile walk away, Noland Creek a 20-minute drive, and all the streams you would have been able to access from Smokemonth 40 minutes to an hour away. Also, if you get tired of your own cooking, you can get a scrumptious and reasonably priced meal, with a fine glass of wine, at Pasquale's in downtown Bryson City (there are also other restaurants, pizza joints, etc., but I particularly recommend Pasquale's). You might also consider driving out to the lower Nantahala one day. It's 20-25 minutes away.
Jim Casada
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04-15-2010, 05:47 PM
My vote has to go to North River (it's my favorite). You can either camp at NR campground or one of the free sites up the river if they're not already taken. Something special you could do for the first or last night would be staying in Donley cabin. I love the relative solitude of the NR corridor and great fishing all along it. You also have the option of going over to the Bald for a day or if you're brave enough- the Tellico. If you've got access to a canoe- take him to Indian Boundary one afternoon. Some poppers will do wonders on the Bass or Bluegill. And don't forget the trip to the Hatchery, if he's never been it's a pretty cool place to stop for a few minutes. Just my 2 cents worth, I'm sure ya'll will have fun anywhere.

04-15-2010, 08:11 PM
Jim, I have never stayed at Deep Creek, I took the family hiking there last year and the water looked great. The problem i have with Deep creek is that we ar leaving Nashville around 3:00 pm and if I remember right from Gatlinburg its about an 2 hour trip. That would put me real late trying to set up camp. But I realy would like to fish new waters, the Townsend and Gatlinburg side we have fish most of what most consider good water.
Jim, I realy wish we could attend Troutfest and meet you. But he is graduating that weekend. If you go back and look at some his early post you will see that he is intersting poster, but at the time he was having a hard time in school. But, now he has found his calling. He took a couple higher level English class last year and the school made him move up to Honors english, he has kept a 90% plus average in the class and has two of his short stories published in the school book. Being that he attends a private school here in nashville, I am impressed. I am trying to get him to start writing a few outdoor stories just for fun and still prusue his choice of Fisheries biology.
As you read this post you can see he didn't get from me!!!! He still reads the message board, but doesn't post. Something about Facebook Friends and Girls.

04-15-2010, 08:26 PM
BudMan, the North is my new Favorite Area. You have so many options, drive along the road and fish without having your picture taken but a tourist. Hike in on well kept trails. Or bushwack up some of the feeder streams. I have been to busy to post about my last trip, but I caught my largest Brookie (not counting the Caney Fork) in March. 13.5-14" I would swear it was a stocker, but several people have looked at the photo and say it is wild.
But, it seems like the campsits fill up on thurday evenings. What are the chances of having a site open in Mid May? I would hate to drive 3-1/2 hours and not have a site and If I remember right Indian Boundry closes at 9:00.

Jim Casada
04-16-2010, 02:07 PM
Vern--There's no question the extra distance poses logistical problems, because it is a good hour and 15 minutes from Sugarlands to Bryson City (if you don't encounter a bear jam).
As for the lad's literary inclinations, encourage them. I had a 9th grade English teacher who planted the seed which eventually led to what I do today. I owe him an eternal debt of gratitude.
Jim Casada
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P. S. Sorry you won't make it to TroutFest

04-18-2010, 04:56 AM
Vern, That sounds like an impressive fish- I'd be happy with a bow of that size! As for availability of camp sites along the North, you may be chancing it. I'm not sure what time Indian Boundary closes for the night, but I'd guess it would be 9 or later. There's always the option of camping at Holly Flats, the times I've been down there (frequently) they're rarely full. You would still have the option of all of the rivers in that area. If you do stay there, a trip up Waucheesi for some star gazing would be in order.