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04-24-2010, 07:08 AM
Byron-My wife's old Granny told her-wind from the East,fish bite least.Wind from the south,they close their mouth.Wind from the North,sally forth.Wind from the West,they bite the best.Don't know if this old axiom pertains to trout fishing in streams.Always went when the oppurtunity presented itself and hang the wind!However,since it's been brought up,I will endeaver to try and think of the correlation when I come up to WNC in mid-May but I won't let it deter meTo paraphrase another ditty-Not rain nor sleet,nor snow nor gale shall keep the flyfisherman from casting on his appointed creek.I'll draw the line at golfball hail.I am old and tender.I don't favor waving a graphite rod around in a lightening storm either.Perhaps some of our fellow forum addicts who keep journals could enlighten us as to the effects of wind direction.But when all is said and done-To **** With It,Let's go fishing!

Jim Casada
04-24-2010, 04:20 PM
SWAMPUS--I always heard it slightly different, at least the South part--"Wind's in the South, baits in the fish's mouth." There's no question that weather fronts affect fishing. It has been my general experience that trout feed well ahead of a strong storm front. As for the Smokies, prevailing winds tend to be from the southwest.
I put considerable credence in old "sayings" about weather and firmly believe that there is a lot of truth in them. My Grandpa Joe was full of such folk wisdom, and years ago I used some of it for several years in a little "weather wisdom" section for some country magazine (the title escapes me just now). Some of my favorite bits of weather wisdom (and almost all of them rhymed) dealt with snow. "Snow hanging on the ground, it's waiting for more to come around." Or in the case of rain, "if it starts before seven, it will quite before eleven." Or "mackerel skies and mare's tails, make wise sailors set short sails." Incidentally, you'll find a lot of this sort of stuff in old Will Shakespeare, who seemed to know a lot about everything.
Jim Casada
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04-24-2010, 04:55 PM
I've heard it like Jim's version with the addition "wind from the North fisherman don't venture forth". Generally I just go when I can regardless of wind unless the wind is so strong it makes casting a nightmare. Silvercreek

04-26-2010, 07:11 AM
As Burt Reynolds said in Smokie-"Depends on what part of the country you're from as to how stupid you are."I have heard other adages vary regionally.Being a towboat captain,I have found many that hold true out on the rivers of our great country.Height of paper wasps' nests tell the high water stage for that year.Cobwebs floating in the air foretell fog that night.Jim,you're right about the prevailing winds in WNC.Situated my cabin outside Bryson City facing South,hunkered down in a hollow facing SSW.Afternoon sun warms my porch.Great Napping.Jim,we'll have to go fishing sometime.If you see a red truck streamside in WNC w/Fla. tags,stop and chew the fat.Am planning on about 10 days in late May.