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06-09-2010, 07:38 AM
I took the afternoon off from work on Tuesday and hit Walker Camp Prong for a while. The water was low and crystal clear, making for some challenging fishing. I started out with a Light Cahill without so much as a rise. I switched to an EHC and then a Yellow Stimulator, getting some slaps but no takers.

When you keep trying similar stuff without success, sometimes you just have to pull something different out of the hat. So I switched to a #18 Royal Wulff and started catching fish, all bows. When I lost the RW, I went back to a Stimulator with the same success as before - none. Sometimes it's just tough to give up on the old reliables.

So I took off the Stimulator and tied on an Orange Palmer. With the first cast, I caught the best fish of the day, a rainbow in the 11" range. I got a couple of pictures from the day but because my home computer is down, I'll have to wait and post those later.

It's fun playing hooky :rolleyes:

06-09-2010, 08:52 AM
Sounds good!
You know something completely odd I think from last week is that I tried a stimulator, Royal Coachman, EHC, and a couple of others by themselves and did catch a couple and got a few slaps like you said, but, I decided to try a dropper. I tied on a tiny midge and of all things they started taking the topwater more consistantly! They hit solid and I had more hookups. This could have been a fluke but for the fish I caught over a couple of days last week it worked better than a dry by itself. ????? I only caught one fish on the dropper itself, go figure.

5 WT
06-09-2010, 10:21 PM
I fished Walker camp prong on 6-5-10, it was raining and I only fished a few hours. I caught 8 fish 3 brookies, 4 bows and one very unusual fish. I want to call him a brookbow. He had a very orange belly, white fin tips trimmed in black just like a brookie, but he also had a very prominent rose colored stripe down his side like a rainbow. I know they spawn at different times, but i know what i caught and what i saw. I did not have my camera due to the rain.