View Full Version : Drift Boat

Steve Wright
06-09-2010, 10:20 PM
If anyone has recently acquired a Hyde Drift Boat; I would love to be taken for a float.

Drift Lizard
06-10-2010, 05:26 AM

I'm always looking for folks to join me for a float. The main reason I don't get the drifty out more often is because I can't find someone to fish and run the shuttle. Fyi, I'm taking a new job in Memphis starting in a couple weeks, so give me a shout asap if you want to float. I have concluded my current position and will be fishing pretty much every day until I move to Memphis. Shoot me an email at sarodda@gmail.com or call my cell (901) 573-5721. I'm actually headed to the Clinch now with the boat. Give me a call if your interested; otherwise I will be restricted to fishing just above and below the peach orchard access.

My ride is a 2008 Hyde low profile, white with green stripe.


Stephen Rodda