View Full Version : Pair of Yellow Para Adams

06-13-2010, 03:13 PM
My trip yesterday to the mountains renewed a long lost affection for the parachute Adams. So, I decided to tie a few up today and snap a shot of them. Historically, I fished the traditional gray parachute Adams extensively, but I am developing a liking of the yellow cousin below.



Hook: #16 TMC100
Tail: Grizzly & Brown Hackle Fibers Blended
Wing: White poly yarn
Body: Sulfur and Cream Dry Fly Dubbing Blended
Thread: Uni thread 8/0 Lt. Cahill

06-13-2010, 04:21 PM
Nice tying and nice photography. Regards, Silvercreek

06-13-2010, 07:10 PM
Excellent ties!

06-13-2010, 09:19 PM
I'm impressed. Hope I can tie a fly that good someday!

06-14-2010, 12:19 PM
Thanks for the kind words.

It just so happens that I am as addicted to tying as fishing, and I also have a passion for photography. I still have a lot to learn regarding all three, but really enjoy sharing all with everyone here.

06-16-2010, 11:10 PM
That may be my favorite dry fly pattern. Well, for the past couple of months or so anyway. I tried to tie some but they were awfully ugly. Yours are beautiful.

06-17-2010, 01:03 PM
Those are nice! Kind of a pale yellow dubbing. Great proportions on them. I always had trouble making the tails too short on everything I tied...eventually, I decided to tie only EHC's. :)

Carolina Boy
06-17-2010, 01:45 PM
Tie em on a curved shanked hook...klinkhammer (peacock herl optional) but i would go barbless cause they take em deep! Amazing the difference it makes