View Full Version : West Prong Little Pigeon Update

07-07-2010, 02:32 PM
Well, I FINALLY got out for a much needed fishing trip in the Smokies on Monday. I picked up my buddy Brian at 7:30 and we cruised up to the WPLP a few miles above Sugarlands to one of our favorite pull outs.

The weather and the fishing conditions were great. I brought along my camera and took a few photos, but they turned out looking like crap. Time for a new point and shoot. The ole Pentax didn't survive Riveroo after all. I did get one decent trout pic, which I'll upload to the fish of the month thread.

Anyway, we ended up catching about a dozen each, all rainbows, and all nice and fat. We spent about as much time chilling and enjoying being in the mountains as we did fishing. My walkie talkie broke right when we left the car, so we mostly fished together leapfrog style. I landed one 10 incher, and I think I lost the biggest fish I've ever hooked in the Park.

The flavors of the day? Yellow wulffs, George's nypmhs, and San Juan worms all were getting some good action. It sure was good to get up to the mountains, even on a somewhat slow day! :smile:

07-07-2010, 03:30 PM
Good to hear that Brian is back in full swing.
Sounds like a relaxing day in the mountains.