View Full Version : Twentymile creek 07/10

07-12-2010, 01:59 PM
Had planned on fishing Greenbriar last weekend, but when I read in that the Dragon would be opening on Sat, I decided to take advantage of the situation and hit up twentymile creek with my father in law. I figured that since the creek purportedly gets little pressure, that it has gotten even less than it would in typical years because the dragon has been closed for so long. We hit the trail at 8:45 and hiked up the Moore Springs branch past the second log bridge and began fishing. I couldn';t say if the creek was low, since it was my first time fishing there, but they had definitely gotten rain the night before because it was stained and down right murky in most of the bigger pools. The plan was to leapfrog each other so that one of us wouldn't always be fishing behind the other. I took the back position first, fishing right past the second log bridge. After cycling through a couple flies (a 1 1/2"-2" yellow stonefly on a rock encouraged me to try some stonefly patterns) I went back to the female parachute adams, size 14. The fish attacked it. In all I caught 4, all in the 6.5-8" range (photographed two, see below), hooked six more that managed to shake the hook free, one of which looked to be better than 10", which I understand is pretty good for that stream, and missed too many to count. I did sight in on one that would probably be considered to be a trophy in that stream, according to Jim Casadas book, who was feeding in a fast riffle. I cast to him several times, but couldn't get a good drift for long enough, because about the time he be about to take it, so I tried to move to better position where I could cast more from behind him, rather than to the side. While doing so, I must have been looking at my prize more than my footing, and I fell in, making a big splash and spooking the fish to who knows where...

Anyway, here are a couple of pics:

at 6.75":

at 7.25":