View Full Version : Topsail Island, NC

07-19-2010, 08:21 PM
I am going down there next week and wanted some advice on what patterns work best for all of you saltwater fishermen on the forum...we are mainly fishing the backwaters for Reds, Specks, and maybe a flounder or 2 if im lucky.

Thanks, Lee

Carolina Boy
07-20-2010, 11:36 AM
if the reds are in the grass pitch spoon flies copperheads, I'd tie a crab pattern or two for sure, clousers I' pack some pink and green (electric chicken), blue and white you know bait fish lookin, not sure what shrimp are in the estuaries right now but i'd go with some tan and white shrimpy streamer patterns. dumbbell eyes are a good choice, flounder are gonna be on the floor so you need weight or a sinking line rig with flounder they like to sit where the water can flow over them in tight drainage type channels coming off the grass/mud flats. The tides will be in your favor heigh wise early next week due to the moon phase but its a full moon maybe find a dock with lights for a little nigh time action

Green Weenie
07-20-2010, 12:09 PM
I'll be there next week as well. We (read: wife & kids) went last year, but I didn't bring the long rod because, without a boat, I didn't know how fly-fishing friendly it would be. Plus, it was crazy windy that week.

After reading your reply, I may just chunk some flies this year. Not really sure as to where, though.

If all else fails, I'll probably just fish the pier with all the other yahoos.

07-21-2010, 08:35 PM
Thanks Carolina Boy, I've tied up some clousers in many different colors and also picked up some spoon flies and gummy minnows so I should be set...And also Green Weenie if you arent really sure where to fish there is a great guide out of Wilmington, NC (Capt. Seth Vernon). You can look him up on www.doublehaulguideservice.com (http://www.doublehaulguideservice.com)