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07-20-2010, 11:05 PM
good god! got to the south holston weir dam area about 1030ish this am (7-20). watched a few fisher fellows flinging flies for feeding fish. not much happened for the first half hour or so. but then... the old man who was sitting at the corner of the dam and the ramp left, i gradually maneuvered over there and proceeded to have my limit in under 3 minutes. nearly every cast was catching. nothing sizable but very tasty. soon, i was surrounded...and everybody was at least hooking fish and more importantly, not each other. not one crossed line or cross word. normally, i couldn't tolerate such proximity to other anglers on such a large river, but the fish were so dumb and hungry i didn't care. then the water shot up at noon. waited a few moments while the h2o settled. then about 1 or 130ish it happened. the hatch i was looking for. they were all over the water. large yellow sulfurs, fly size i'd guess 12-16. my size 18 was so small compared to those dudes i doubt the fish even noticed my my fly. so i put on a number of larger yellow flies and finally found one bright neon yellow bodied, dark hackled unidentifiable fly and wham! first cast, a nice 11.5 inch brown...yes, i did have a tape measure but my camera wasn't working! was able to catch 2 more browns of similar size..might have been the same fish. i was working a small, tight backwater eddy and the fish were flopping all over the surface. never seen anything like it east of the miss. river.
about a 2 hr drive..but well worth it.

Randy Ratliff
07-21-2010, 08:28 AM