View Full Version : There are no fish in Sally Sam Creek...

08-29-2010, 12:17 AM
...or are there? When it comes to the ever popular and sometimes crowded Hazel Creek and Eagle Creek areas, life is too short and the trails and the price of shuttles is too steep for fishing unproductive feeder streams. If you know of such, consider sharing the names of streams that likely do not hold fish there.

Unlike much of the rest of the park, with these drainages we do not have the benefit of the NPS Fisheries Management stream sampling data (with the exception of portions of Ekaneetlee Creek). Nor will we have due to the program ending from lack of funding. In addition to the more obvious benefits of the NPS data, a useful part of the program was information on where sampling revealed there were NO trout/fish. That is all I'm seeking here.

I am going out on a "branch" here and say there are no fish in the Sally Sam Branch of Walkers Creek, a tributary of Hazel Creek. But in all honesty, I have not sampled Sally Sam. :rolleyes:

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say I am developing detailed fishing maps of Hazel, Eagle, Chambers and Pilkey creeks and other park streams that empty into that particular area of the Little Tennessee/Fontana Lake. I have listed most all the feeders below. If you have an aversion to lots of "its", ampersands and semicolons, you may want to refer to this free map instead.

So the question is, what streams, or better still, what portions of the streams below in all liklihood hold NO game fish? Sharing your personal experiences on these waters would be a nice bonus. If there is good participation in this, I will summarize the data here after a time. I plan on giving credit to the message board as a group for no-fish-there contributions to the development of the maps. If you prefer to participate in private, feel free to send e-mail to fredturner@saintclairmapping.com using the subject "No Fish".

Thank you in advance for helping out.

2/15 Update: Deleted map link and stream names previously posted.