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08-31-2010, 07:43 PM
I decided to visit one of my favorite Pisgah blueline streams today. I had never fished the headwaters, so I set out on a mission to discover and fish the remote upper section today. No trail, so fish up and boulder hop back down. I had hoped to find native char, but I expected to find small rainbows in the 4-5 inch range. I actually found rainbows in the 8-10 inch range and no char.

The stream was tight and overgrown, the 7'6" 3wt was too much rod. I had a hard time fishing and missed and lost a few due to the trees and rhodo. Not getting a good hook set and not being able to play the fish at all due to the intense overhead vegetation cost me several decent fish. I left my 5'2" 4wt in the Jeep, I wish I had brought it with me, but I was not going to boulder hop back down the stream to get it. I really like fishing stuff like that, it's a challenge.

After a few hours, I headed out and decided to go downstream and fish some of the bigger and more familiar water. The fishing was good and I caught a bunch of rainbows and a few browns. Nothing too big, 10 inches was about the biggest, most were in the 6-8 inch range.

The weenie was on fire, all but 1 fish was caught on the weenie today. I caught a lot of fish today, I hooked and lost a lot of fish today, and I missed the hook set on a lot of fish today.

I came upon one nice deep hole that usually yields a few strikes, at least, and I got nothing. I then noticed a worm container on the bank. That really burns me up, but what can you do, it's common on a lot of streams. The worm dunkers were even nice enough to not only litter their worm tub, but they left some food wrappers and beverage cans as well.

I creeled 2 small rainbows, measured them, just a hair over 7 inches. They will be supper tonight.

It was good day on the stream, although I can't really recall ever having a bad day on the stream.

Odd item in an odd place


Small water holds big fish sometimes


Real life green weenie


Possible new state record brown


Not that big, but one of the bigger ones caught today


Scuba diver's view


A moment of silence for the brave little rainbows that gave the ultimate sacrifice today


Dinner is served, I should have kept 4, I'm still hungry


08-31-2010, 09:28 PM
Man that looks like a great dinner! Thanks for the report. What does the sign say the statue is holding btw?

09-01-2010, 11:17 AM
got any closeup on the statue?

09-01-2010, 03:24 PM
No closeup, I was too bust trout huntin'. :biggrin:

The sign was almost impossible for me to read. It was written with a paint brush. All I could make was was something about "love in my heart".